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[Motoyawata] Jingisukan at Yukidaruma (ジンギスカン ゆきだるま 本八幡部屋)


I like jingisukan, but I didn’t know good restaurant serving jingisukan within my living area. But today, finally I found. The restaurant’s name is Yukidaruma (ジンギスカンゆきだるま). They have some branches, and Motoyawata branch is the closest to me. Yukidaruma means snowman in Japanese. So, there’s a snowman in front of the door all year round.

Menu They have also all-you-can-eat course. But I can’t eat much. And they use precious lamb meat from Iceland. But they don’t use it for all-you-can-eat. So we order from the menu

Food menu
Drinks menu

I ordered coke highball. This highball contains much whiskey. It was good.

Coke highball (コーラハイボール, 477 yen)

Otoshi is served if we order something alcoholic drinks (plus 191 yen). That day’s otoshi was boiled Japanese konjac jelly.

Sauce, salt, hand towel, chopsticks, paper apron. Everything for jingisukan was complete.

I hate paper apron because of its texture, but everyone use it and the staff recommended me so. I did, too. Reluctantly 🙁

“Start set” have one portion of lamb meat, onion, bell pepper and shishito pepper. As its name, it have everything to start jingisukan ! So, everyone order it at first.

Start set (スタートセット) 963 yen per one person

“Jingisukan” is local foods of Hokkaido, part of Nagano and Iwate. It’s mutton and lamb yakiniku. You’ll think this hotpot have strange shape. I thought so for the first time. At first, we set vegetables around the grilling plates at the center.

And then, grilling meats 🙂

Meat juice flows and gathers around the grilling plates and vegetables absorbed in the juice ! Awesome ! I think the person who invented this hotpot is great person !

We added lamb chop meat.

Lamb chop (ラムチョップ) 487 yen per one piece

We had second helping of meat, too.

Lamb meat (追加肉) 778 yen

We got entirely full. It’s delicious and inexpensive. Each branches (Nakano, Ryogoku and so on) are not large and they are so popular, so you’d better reserve in advance.


Name Yukidaruma Motoyawata (ジンギスカン ゆきだるま 本八幡部屋)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Available
URL Website

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