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[Shinjuku] Red sea bream ramen at Hosenka (らぁ麺 鳳仙花)


I searched for some novel ramen in Tokyo. And then I found Ramen Hosenka (らぁ麺 鳳仙花) in Shinjuku. I hurried to go there. By the way, Shinjuku have so many shops without gap. It’s stuffy for me… Hosenka is in Hayashida group that is so popular ramen group now. Hosenka have red sea bream broth soup !

They are open throughout their business hour. I’m glad ! I visited there past 3 p.m. on Saturday. There are some vacant seats. There’s a ticket vending machine on the left in the shop.

I had Shinjuku station. It’s labyrinth. So, I went to there from Shinjuku Sanchome station. Also Higashi Shinjuku station is good.

Water server is prepared on the table. It’s like sushi-go-round shop. If you need, they serve paper apron. But almost all people didn’t have it because their soup is transparent.

They have ramen and tsukemen. Of course, both have red sea bream broth. If you eat ramen, they recommend chazuke (金目鯛茶漬け / 200 yen).

So… I ordered special ramen. You can see the ticket of chazuke above :p I handed it to the staff just eating up noodles. The gold soup is beautiful. The fat of red sea bream was surface of the soup. But it’s not greasy. It had strong saltness. And the abundant flavor of red sea bream. Delicious.

Special ramen (特製らぁ麺) 1000 yen

Whole wheat noodles had good texture. The special ramen have red onion, green onion, menma (bamboo shoot), roast pork and egg. The egg wasn’t seasoned strong.

By the way, it’s sio ramen (salt flavor ramen). But they have shoyu ramen, too. If you want to have shoyu ramen, you need to get ticket to change.

And then, I got chazuke. I was glad ! The amount of rice is small !!! It’s just for me after ramen ! It had green onion and some meat of grilled red red sea bream ! Also it had wasabi.

Chazuke (金目鯛茶漬け) 200 yen

I poured some leftover soup on it. Also I put some roast pork. Gorgeous. It had refreshing tastes, so I could eat up easily. If you have ramen at there, chazuke is MUST.


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