Shinjuku / 新宿


[Shinjuku] Red sea bream ramen at Hosenka (らぁ麺 鳳仙花)

I searched for some novel ramen in Tokyo. And then I found Ramen Hosenka (らぁ麺 鳳仙花) in Shinjuku. I hurried to go there. ...

Moved – [Shinjuku] Borsch Golubtsy at Sungari (スンガリー)

I wanted to try Russian foods before going to Russia. And I searched for good Russian foods restaurant in Tokyo on Goog...

Closed – [Shinjuku] Mademoiselle macaron (マドモワゼル・マカロン) in Shinjuku Lumine

I had something to do at Shinjuku, and after that I wanted to buy some sweet things. So, I sauntered Shinjuku LUMINE. A...
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