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[Yokohama Chinatown] Dumplings at Santon 2nd (山東2号店)

Kanagawa & Saitama

I heard Santon (山東) in Yokohama Chinatown have awesome dumplings, so I visited there. Santon have two restaurants. 1st and 2nd. Because 1st was temporarily closed, I visited 2nd with my friend. (Now, 1st is reopen) Though the entrance is narrow, this is 3-storied house and there are many tables and seats.

They are so popular as dumplings. Dumplings are their signature foods. They have simple dumplings and more, pink-colored peach dumplings, celery dumplings and so on.

They don’t have elevators. Stairs only.

This is their dumplings. Its skin is thick and springy. It have much fillings. One dish have 10 large dumplings. My acquaintance who is thin lady visited there and eat it and gyoza by herself before. So, I thought it’s easy to eat for us two person. But it’s hard to eat it up after eating braised pork rice at another restaurant :p The sauce for it is prepared on the table. The sauce is based on coconuts. Sweet. I don’t like the sauce, so I made my sauce by myself and ate.

Dumplings (水ギョーザ) 700 yen

I think gyoza is as same as dumplings. But I felt it’s thinner than dumplings by grilling. This side is crisp. But another is springy. And I felt the sauce for dumpling based on coconuts is better for it. And I like their gyoza better than dumplings.

Gyoza (焼きギョーザ) 700 yen

Those foods go with draft beer very well !

Draft beer (生ビール) 500 yen


Name Santon the 2nd (山東2号店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Available
Credit card Available
URL Website

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