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[Tokyo] Jojoen Yugentei Yurakucho Marion (叙々苑 游玄亭 有楽町マリオン店)


I wanted to eat yakiniku with fine view of Tokyo and went to Yugentei on the 11th floor of Yurakucho Marion (叙々苑 游玄亭 有楽町マリオン店). They are in the group of Jojoen. I heard Yugentei is more luxurious than normal Jojoen. Certainly, they looks gorgeous !

Jojoen sounds very expensive yakiniku restaurant. But they serve valuable lunch set. Jojoen can be reserved on the website.

It’s difficult to take the photo of inside the restaurant because each tables are divided by higher wall and partitions. So, we felt we are in the private room. So, celebrities love Jojoen 🙂

Our seats were such two counter seats facing window. And there’s same seats next to use. But the partition divided. So, we could enjoy the lunch and the view freely.

有楽町駅を眼下に臨みます。Yurakucho station could be seen from the seats. Tokyo station, too.

This is the lunch menu. They have yakiniku box that we don’t have to grill by ourselves. And the most inexpensive yakiniku lunch is shoulder roast lunch (肩ロース焼ランチ). All set have on drink. No service fee. Tax included. They have English and Chinese menu, too. So don’t worry. Yugentei have as same lunch as Jojoen.

I ordered shoulder roast lunch set because the photo was the largest on the menu. I think this is their recommendation. Yes, it’s right decision. Each set have salad, namul, kimchi, and soup. They serve two sauce for yakiniku. Salt and green onion sauce and normal yakiniku sauce. I ordered my rice normal. Large portion of rice is free of charge.

Shoulder roast lunch set (肩ロース焼ランチセット) 3800 yen

Speaking of Jojoen, this salad have high reputation. It’s called “Jojoen salad”. I agree. The dressing was very good. And they drained salad firmly. Good ! This salad went with rice very well. You can’t believe salad go with rice ? Yes, me, too. But it’s fact 🙂

And four namul. Green vegetable, soybean sprout, fern shoot and daikon radish !

And kimchi. I was about to eat up rice until them.

But I had this meat. I should have large portion of rice. This marbled beef was cut thinly. So, we could grill quickly.

It’s thin but not too thin. And it was cut widely. It’s enough to enjoy. The salt and green onion sauce was good ! I was surprised at such a valuable lunch set ! I say again and again !

And drink and dessert after meal. Coffee and almond jelly.

I think it’s good to have solo lunch, too.


Name Jojoen Yugentei Yurakucho Marion branch (叙々苑 游玄亭 有楽町マリオン店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
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URL Website

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