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[Tokyo] Shell ramen at noodle meister GENK (源九) in Kudanshita


I felt like eating sio ramen on my way back to home from Nippon Budokan, so I had ramen at noodle meister GENK (源九) close to Kudanshita station. Also I wanted to avoid the crush around Kudanshita station :p They are located close to the station, but they are at the back of the main street. So, there wasn’t many people in the shop. They have counter seats mainly and they have only one table.

They have a ticket vending machine in the shop. But I didn’t take the photo because another person waited for me. Their signature ramen is those two. Shoyu ramen and sio ramen. Shoyu ramen looks tasty.

So, of course, I had sio ramen. Special sio ramen with shell soup stock. This transparent soup had plenty of extract of shell. The soup is not very hot. Rather rukewarm. It had egg, bamboo shoot (long !), roast pork, and roast chicken.

Special sio ramen with shell soup stock (特製貝だし塩ラーメン) 1000 yen

This soup had shijimi clam from Shinji lake. Shijimi clam extract is very good for stomach after drinking alcoholic drinks 🙂 And another Hidaka konbu seaweed, krill shiokara and so on. It’s the tastes of sea and lake 🙂 I love such a soup.

This narrow soup go with the soup very well. The noodles was dressed with oil and soup. It had smooth texture. The noodle was soft. I heard tourists from abroad don’t like very hot soup and tough noodles. So, I think they make this ramen.

And they prepare such an item for sio ramen. Laver and lemon jelly. The chef said to me, “Add to change the tastes after eating some”. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find the tastes at all. I tasted just it, certainly it had a little sourness and flavor.

Speaking of changing the tastes, they prepare white pepper.

Why I couldn’t find the changing tastes ? Because this. Lemon sour. I had it before having ramen :p It’s sweet and sour. It’s good. No problem. I’ll visit there again.


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