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[Tokyo] Ramen at Chinraitei (珍来亭) in Kichijoji


I visited Chinraitei (珍来亭) that is Chinese foods shop located in Harmonica Yokocho area in Kichijoji. They were born in 1951 and they are non-frills service restaurant with valuable price. Speaking of Harmonica Yokocho, there are many izakaya and bars serving alcoholic drinks mainly, but Chinraitei had many families and students to eat dinner.

They have 1F and 2F. 1F have one square table and two counter seats. 2F have square tables only.

Menu. They serve ramen mainly. Miso, shoyu, sio and so on.

I ate ramen with green onion. This soy sauce soup was rather sweet and it had curly noodles, menma (bamboo shoot), roast pork, laver and green vegetables. Simple, and good. I think this is the standard Tokyo-style ramen that I used to eat when I was a child.

Rame with green onion (ねぎラーメン) 750 yen

Their standard gyoza have 6 pieces (400 yen), but if we order meal set or ramen, we can order 4 pieces of gyoza. 4 pieces is good amount to eat with ramen ! They make their gyoza every morning. The skin is thin and the filling is juicy. Good.

4 pieces of gyoza (餃子4個入り) 250 yen


Name Chinraitei (珍来亭)
Open Lunch, Dinner
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