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[Tokyo] Tani ramen (谷ラーメン) underpass close to Yurakucho sta.


I visited Tani ramen (谷ラーメン) that is located railway underpass close to Yurakucho station. They were born in 1967 close to another railway underpass named “Marusan Yokocho (丸三横丁)”. They moved to here because Marusan Yokocho was closed because of reconstruction in 2016.

So, now they are rather new. But they have still nostalgic atmosphere.

Ticket vending machine is outside the entrance. Ramen (ラーメン) and fried rice (チャーハン) is very popular. And the most popular one is at the left top. Ramen and half fried rice. They have soy sauce soup only.

Though I’m a poor eater, I ordered wonton noodles and half fried rice. No problem. I skipped breakfast 🙂 I got to there before 11 a.m. So, there was no guests except me. The chef started to cook my fried rice. I was sure that the fried rice is great when I heard the sounds of fried rice cooked 🙂 Actually, it’s really good. It was seasoned with soy sauce.

wonton noodles and half fried rice (ワンタンメン半チャーハン) 1250 yen

Green peas, onion, roast pork, egg and so on. It’s enough great as it is, but I also liked to eat it with ramen soup like soup curry 🙂 And this is wonton men. It had clear soy sauce soup. And smooth wonton. It’s the traditional Tokyo ramen. Though the soup had pork bone broth, it didn’t have any bad smells. It had refreshing tastes and good.

Noodles. It’s rather wide and curly.

And this is roast pork. It didn’t have much fat. It went with the simple soup. And another it have menma (bamboo shoot), laver and green onion.


Name Tani ramen (谷ラーメン)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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