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Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Mizutaki hotpot at Toritoh (鳥藤 築地場内店)


Somehow I felt like to eat mizutaki in last mid summer. I knew Toritoh (鳥藤) serve mizutaki. So I went to the eatery to eat mizutaki. But Toritoh don’t serve mizutaki in mid-summer. So, I waited until they have started to serve mizutaki… And finally. I waited so much.

I visited there early in the cold morning. Of course, I ordered mizutaki. This is Toritoh’s mizutaki. As you see, the soup is so thick.

Mizutaki (水炊き) 900 yen

A lot of chunks of chicken on the bone. Also minced chicken balls were in the bowl. Though it’s good, it’s too fatty for me. And it wasn’t seasoned too strong, so I added much ponzu on it. And more it got cooler soon because the bowl is normal one and it was very cold morning.


Name Toritoh (鳥藤 場内店)
Open Morning through daytime
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Website, Facebook, Instagram

Google Map (Current location in Toyosu Market)


  1. Mitzie Mee says:

    Reading your blog is such a good introduction to Japanese cuisine. I’ve never tried mizutaki:)

  2. Ryoko says:

    Mizutaki is ordinary home cooking.
    Chickens and vegetables boiled in plain water. It is easy to cook 🙂

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