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[Amami Island] Cape Ayamaru (あやまる岬)

View, Cape Ayamaru (Amami 2015) KAGOSHIMA

After I got out of the gelato shop, I got on the bus and went to Cape Ayamaru near the airport.
Cape Ayamaru is about a 15-minutes drive from the airport.
The driver asked me where I go by bus and said to him, “Cape Ayamaru”.

He said to me, “Nothing is there ? :(“

And when the bus got to Cape Ayamaru, he said to me “Next bus will come in 40 minutes :)”

I intended to get on the bus two hours later :p

Cape Ayamaru is quite place and we can see beautiful sea view.

Statue, Cape Ayamaru (Amami 2015)

It is erected in 10 beautiful view in Amami Oshima. Though the weather wasn’t fine, when I got to there, it was temporarily sunny !

View, Cape Ayamaru (Amami 2015)

Cheers with coffee !

Cheers with coffee, Cape Ayamaru (Amami 2015)

I went down to the seaside.

Went down, Cape Ayamaru (Amami 2015)

Distance between Amami and abroad.

Map, Cape Ayamaru (Amami 2015)

Though the view was beautiful, I had nothing to do after a while. So, I got on the bus 40 minutes later, as the driver said to me.
I got off the bus in front of Big 2. Big 2 is large discount store in Amami. Though it is ordinary discount store, they also sell local foods and souvenir of Amami. I bought much mozuku seaweed and brown sugar.

Appearance, Big 2 (Amami 2015)

And I got on the bus again to the airport. My baggage was too heavy… :p

Amami airport (Amami 2015)

Amami airport is really small and safety inspection area is too short. Only 10 steps between this entrance and the gate lounge :p

Gate, Amami airport (Amami 2015)
奄美空港ほんと小さくて、保安検査場は10歩くらい。出るとすぐ待合室です(ノ∀`) 離島旅行とても楽しかったです。

My first trip to remote island was very fun and I want to be there again soon.

About Cape Ayamaru

Bus stop / Ayamaru Misaki (Cape Ayamaru)


About Big2 Amami branch

Address / 580 Nakagachi-aza-okuma-mae, Tatsugo-cho, Oshimagun, Kagoshima
Bus stop / Big2 bus stop
Open / 10:00 – 20:00
Closed / no scheduled
Website / http://www.big2.co.jp/



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