Daimon / 大門


[Tokyo] Yanaka Coffee ShibaDaimon (やなか珈琲店) in Daimon

I had want to visit Yanaka Coffee (やなか珈琲店) for a long time, but there's not any branches within my living area. They ha...

[Tokyo] Tonkatsu AOKI Daimon (とんかつ檍 大門店)

I felt like going to Tonkatsu AOKI in Kamata, but Kamata is too far for me. But I know. There're some branches of AOKI ...

[Tokyo] Toripota Ramen THANK (鶏ポタラーメン THANK) in Daimon

I went to the shop that named Toripota ramen THANK the other day. They're popular tsukemen shop in Daimon are of Tokyo....

[Tokyo] Uwajima taimeshi at Taiki (鯛樹) in Daimon Hamamatsucho

Because I didn't have anything to do on last Saturday. So, I had lunch at Taiki (鯛樹) in Daimon. They are fancy Japanes...

[Tokyo] Daytime only ramen at ZOOT in Daimon

I had something to do at Hamamatsucho on Saturday, so I had lunch at ZOOT after that. "ZOOT" serves ramen at daytime, a...
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