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[Tokyo] Coffee Shop ACE (珈琲専門店エース) in Kanda


Don’t you think the signboard is retro ? They started their business in 1971.
Coffee Shop ACE (珈琲専門店エース) is long-established cafe in Kanda. They have started their business in 1971. They remain Showa atmosphere. I really like this cafe.

Like them who call themselves coffee specialty shop, they serves about 40 kinds of coffees.

The interior have a good atmosphere. Classic interior. The vacuum coffee maker sounded comfortable sounds.

They have about 40 coffees from all over the world. I don’t know a lot about coffee and I couldn’t choice one from them. So I always order Today’s valuable coffee (本日のサービス品).
Today’s valuable coffee that day was Peru’s one and it cost 480 yen.

They offer valuable coffee of the day

My coffee came with the word “Peru (ペルー)” on the tag attached to the edge of the saucer.

Today’s valuable coffee (本日のサービス品)

The coffee was light and tasty. It didn’t have any bitterness. I think they select mild coffee for Today’s valuable coffee.

This shop recommends “Toraja coffee” at the shop. I didn’t know about that, so I googled it. Toraja coffee is cultivated in Sulawesi island of Indonesia. It is said to be the greatest coffee of Coffea arabica. Dear me, I want to try it ! And another, they have a variety of coffee drinks.

ACE’s specialty is coffee. Yes, coffee. But ACE is very popular as laver sandwich. This sandwich. The ingredient is laver, soy sauce and butter. And it’s baked. It’s very simple food. It’s awesome. I rarely meet this sandwich at cafes and restaurants.

Laver sandwich (のりトースト) 170 yen

And, this shop sells much kinds of milk teas. Romania-style, Yugoslavia style…etc. It’s hard to complete all drinks !

This is Sofia Milk tea. Sofia is a capital of Bulgaria. It had whipped cream on it. It’s sweet and tasty.

Sofia milk tea (ソフィア風ミルクティ)

They serve breakfast until 11:30 a.m. Blended coffee and seaweed toast cost only 500 yen ! In addition, free refills of blended coffee until noon ! Inexpensive !


Name Coffee Shop ACE (珈琲専門店エース)
Open Morning through night
Reservation Unavailable
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