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[Venice] San Marco, Canal and Spaghetti with squid ink


I walked in Venice from this San Marco. It was partially under repaired.


Great carving.

Canal. I didn’t get on the gondola though.

Cute buildings.

This is post and doorbell. It’s like face.

After that I had lunch at Piccolo Martini. Truthfully speaking I wanted to go to another restaurant, but the restaurant is open at 12 p.m., and it was 11:30. I couldn’t wait because I was hungry.

I intended to eat spaghetti with squid ink when I decided to go to Italy. So, of course, I ate it. That’s specialty of Venice !

Because it was still 11:30, the bar connected to the restaurant was packed. But the restaurant was still vacant 😛

I could enjoy spaghetti in a calm restaurant.

Umm. But I should have wait the opening time of my target restaurant. But, well. that is to say, I should go Italy again.


  1. renxkyoko says:

    Oh, memories ! I also had dinner at Piccolo Martini.

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