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[Florence] Giotto’s Campanile in Italy


My trip in Italy started from Milan. And finally we arrived Florence from Venice. I felt tired from long journey by bus. Anyway, I felt like going to rest room and went to bar nearby. But first bar that I entered seemed dangerous. It’s a gathering spot for naughty guys apparently. And there were strong smells of cigarettes. There were no menus and I had no idea what to do. So I got out of the bar soon. And walking for a minutes, then I entered here. Primi Piotti.

Primi Piotti

Staffs didn’t understand English, but I managed to order it in my poor Italian like baby. It cost 1.5 euro or so. Though there are tables having chairs, I stood along the counter table because it’s more inexpensive.

Then I started sightseeing. But first place I visited was under repair. Florence Baptistery. Though I wanted to see mosaic, this veil was cool !

Florence Baptistery

Then I went to Giotto’s Campanile.

Giotto’s Campanile

84.7m tall bell tower. Gothic-style. We can go up, but I had no time to do so.

Beautiful carvings

Gates of heaven.Gorgeous

Doors to heaven

Then I headed to Ponte Vecchio to eat gelato !


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