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[Motoyawata] Jiro-style ramen at Butaken (ぶたけん。)


I visited Butaken (ぶたけん。) serving Jiro-style ramen in Motoyawata.
The chef trained at high-populated Tonsei (豚星。) in Kanagawa. So, there are so many people waiting before the opening time on weekends. So, I visited there at weekday’s lunchtime. When I got to there 10 minutes before the opening time, I managed to be seated. Last one.

They sometimes change their open hour, so you’d better check their twitter in advance.

There’s a ticket vending machine on the right inside the shop.
Normal one is Ramen (らーめん, 900 yen). Red Ramen (あかいらーめん, 1000 yen) is spicy one. And they have ramen without soup, too. And they accept to go if you bring your pot. Also they sell roast pork.

I ordered Petit ramen. Petit ramen have 150g of noodles and one slice of roast pork and a quail egg. Normal have 200g of noodles and two slice of roast pork. The soup is clear soy sauce based soup. And there’re soybean sprouts, four quail eggs, and grated garlic. The soup isn’t so fatty. But it’s salty a bit.

Petit ramen (プチラーメン, 850 yen)

Pork. “One slice”. Slice ? It’s dice. it’s simmered until soft. Not fatty.


The noodle s are flat and curly. Those are uneven and there are many soy bean sprouts on the noodle. So, it’s hard to hold by chopsticks a bit. But it had springy texture and was good. I thought it’s small before eating. But the size of petit ramen was best for me because suddenly I felt full at the end of the time.

As they notice, their ramen have twice noodles as much as another ramen shops. So, you’d better order petit ramen if you visit and Jiro-style ramen for the first time. And they accept to adjust the amount of the noodles even if you order normal ramen. 200g ? Half ? OK !


Name Butaken. (ぶたけん。)
Open Morning, Lunch, Dinner
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