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[Chiba] 3500 yen Lunch course at Sushi Mitsu (鮨光)


I had lunch at Sushimitsu (鮨光) located within walking distance to Chiba chuo station with my friend the other day. They have valuable lunch course.

The closest station is Chiba Chuo station on Keisei Line. But it’s distant a bit. They are close to Shinjuku park. Also it’s walking distance from JR Chiba station. And another Yoshikawa Koen station on Chiba Urban Monorail, Chiba Minato station on JR line is walking distance. That is to say, this sushi restaurant is a bit distant from all stations :p

Menu. The lunch course is 3500 yen. It have 10 pieces of sushi, soup and dessert. Dinner time, course cost at least 7000 yen.

Brilliant. They have 7 counter seats only.

I chose glass beer because I felt hot.

Glass beer (グラス生ビール) 600 yen

At first, horse mackerel was served. As you see, it’s fresh and good.

Horse mackerel (Aji / 鯵)

Ginger pickles.


Grunt (Isaki / イサキ)

The ark shell was thick with crunchy texture and had the flavor of sea. It’s so tasty. I liked it in all sushi that I had that time.

Ark shell (Akagai / 赤貝)

Sardine. It’s really fatty. And big. It had smooth texture.

Sardine (Iwashi / 鰯)

Soup. Though the fish didn’t have any meat left, the soup had abundant extract of fishes like blackthroat sea perch.

Soup (お椀)

Fatty part of tuna. It’s called toro.

Toro part of tuna (トロ)

My delight. Shrimp. It’s sweet and had springy texture.

Akaebi shrimp (赤海老)

Lean meat of tuna marinated with soy sauce. The green powder on the tuna is yuzu !

Sea urchin.

Sea urchin (Uni / うに)

Conger eel. The sauce wasn’t so sweet. It’s just for me. It had yuzu, too. Though yuzu went with tuna, but I think conger eel didn’t go with yuzu.

Pudding after meal. It had smooth texture. The flavor of egg was good.

I’m glad that such a good restaurant was open in Chiba area and offer lunch course at inexpensive price 🙂


Name Sushimitsu (鮨光)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available
Credit card Available
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