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[Ichikawa] Lunch at Wagyu Yakiniku Gyutoku (和牛焼肉 牛徳) in Shimousa-Nakayama


We had lunch at Wagyu Yakiniku Gyutoku (和牛焼肉 牛徳) in Shimousa-Nakayama. We heard they serve valuable yakiniku lunch, so we wanted to visit there for a long time. But sometimes they close quite before the closing time. So, we were glad when we saw “OPEN” 🙂

The door is on the upstairs.

The restaurant is rather large.

Menu. They offer valuable lunch on everyday. And we can also order from regular menu on Saturdays, Sundays and another national holidays. Lunch menu. The most inexpensive set is leftover fresh Japanese beef meat (= kiriotoshi). Only 500 yen (with tax).

Glass beer is only 220 yen at lunchtime. So, we can enjoy yakiniku and alcoholic drinks at such a valuable price 🙂

Grilling facility. Small. But it’s good because I always fill on the facility.

500 yen lunch have high impact and we thought they are inexpensive yakiniku restaurant, but actually, they have good beef meat, too.

I ordered beef skirt set and added leftover fresh Japanese beef meat. Gorgeous lunch 😉 All lunch set have kimchi, namul, wakame seaweed soup, and rice. The soup had refreshing tastes, and good at the intervals of enjoying meat.

Beef skirt set (ハラミランチ, 780 yen) , leftover fresh Japanese beef meat (国産牛切り落とし, 390 yen)

Beef skirt. Not Japanese beef. It was marinated well, so, it was soft and good. But it tasted not like beef skirt. Perhaps it was marinated too long ?

Beef skirt

The staff said the amount of it is as same as one that is served as leftover fresh Japanese beef meat set. It was cut thinner, but delicious. Soft. I was surprised at that it cost only 500 yen with rice and so on. And if you order glass beer, it cost within 1000 yen. Wow..

Left over fresh Japanese beef meat. only 390 yen !

We ordred Sakura yukhoe, too. Sakura means horse meat. Not cherry blossom. It was good. It was seasoned well. It go with alcoholic drinks !

Sakura yukhoe (さくらユッケ) 780 yen
¥11,000 (2024/03/03 22:15時点 | 楽天市場調べ)


Name Wagyu Yakiniku Gyutoku ( 和牛焼肉 牛徳 )
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unavailable

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