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[Fukuoka] Hakata ramen at Shin Shin (博多らーめん Shin-Shin 天神本店)


Speaking of “Hakata ramen”, I know Ippudo only. So, I decided to eat Hakata ramen at any cost if I have a chance to visit Fukuoka. So, I had lunch at the head shop of Shin Shin (博多らーめん Shin-Shin 天神本店) this time. They are so popular. When I got to there past 4 p.m., there were so many people waiting.

There are a large number of signatures in the shop.

There are counter seats and tatami seats. They have much seats. If there’s not vacant seats, we have to wait across the road. Left-end is the top.

This is the menu. They have English, Chinese and Korean menu. They have Hakata tonkotsu ramen, chanpon, aburasoba, and baked ramen and so on. And they have some dishes suitable for alcoholic drinks, too.

I ordered the most simple one. Hakata ShinShin ramen. This tonkotsu soup was light and have no bad smells. It had green onion, Jew’s year, and two slices of roast pork. Those roast pork was soft and juicy. The manager’s goal is to make a ramen that can be eaten everyday. I agree. It’s not special one. it’s suitable for daily use 🙂

Hakata ShinShin ramen (博多ShinShinらーめん) 760 yen

We can choose the toughness of noodles. I ordered my noodle normal. At first, it was firm a bit. But it became soft soon because it’s narrow like vermicelli. It went with the crunchy texture of Jew’s ear.

I added red ginger on the way. It’s good, too. Yes. It’s classic tastes of Hakata ramen.

By the way, it’s the seasonings prepared on the table. red ginger, chili oil, sauce for gyoza, sesame and pepper.

I want to visit there again and eat some dishes with beer, too 😉

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¥4,972 (2024/06/30 23:03時点 | 楽天市場調べ)
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