[Urayasu] Grilled tuna bowl at Soma Suisan (相馬水産)

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My season ticket expired. So I tried going to my office through different route as usual. I took subway Tozai line and got off at Urayasu station on my way back to home. I think this was the first time to got off at the station. I had solo dinner at this restaurant. Soma Suisan (相馬水産).

The notice says they get their tuna from Tsukiji. They are managed by the wholesalers of seafood in Tsukiji.

I ordered it. Tuna koro steak bowl. “koro” is saikoro. Dice. Diced tuna steak bowl.

Tuna koro steak don (まぐろコロステーキ丼) 600 yen

Ah, about 30 diced tuna steaks with soy sauce, large and small, on the rice. It was really tasty, but, it was difficult for me to eat it up. So much steaks on it! Eating, eating, eating,,,, still lots of diced tuna remained ! Also the rice was large volume ! It is only 600 yen and so valuable !

Though it’s good, it’s too much for me as dinner. I want to try again at lunchtime.


Name Soma Suisan (相馬水産)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable
URL Instagram

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