Kanda / 神田


[Tokyo] Lamb meat skrews at Ajibou (味坊) in Kanda

Ajibou (味坊) is one of my longing restaurant that I had wanted to visit for a long time. Their lamb meat dishes are so p...

[Tokyo] Hitachino Brewing Lab (常陸野ブルーイングラボ ) in Kanda

I like Hitachino Nest Beer and visit Hitachino Brewing Lab (常陸野ブルーイングラボ) connected to Tokyo station frequently. And thi...

[Tokyo] Valuable unadon at Kubota (うなぎ久保田) in Kanda

I visited Unagi Kubota (うなぎ久保田) that was born in 1839. They are long-established eel restaurant and they use farm-raise...

[Tokyo] Anpress at Coffee Chopin (珈琲ショパン) in Kanda Awajicho

Coffee Chopin (珈琲ショパン) always attracted me when I visited Tokyo Mamehana Kobo nearby. They have such an historic atmosp...

[Tokyo] Long history and tempura at Yatsudeya (八ツ手屋) in Kanda

Finally, I visited my longing tempura restaurant named Yatsudeya (八ツ手屋)in Kanda area. They are open from 11 a.m. to 2 p...

[Tokyo] Sanuki udon at Kagawa Ippuku (香川一福) in Kanda

Kagawa ippuku (香川 一福) was open as second shop of Udon Ippuku (うどん一福) in Kagawa prefecture, Autust 28th. Udon Ippuku hav...
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