Moved – [Tsukiji Market] Lots of chiayu tempura at Tenfusa (天房)

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I felt like eating fresh raw fish, so I woke up early and went to Tsukiji Market to have breakfast. At first I went to Katou (和食かとう). But I passed through in front of Katou and went toward Tenfusa (天房) because I wanted to know their menu of the day.

And I found the word “chiayu” on the menu as expected. So, I changed my mind and entered Tenfusa. Chiayu is young sweet fish (ayu). This is my delight ! The amount of chiayu is decided depend on current price. Almost all times they serve two chiayu on one dish. But today… 6 fishes ! Oh my ! I was glad that I could eat much young ayu! Of course, everything was delicious !

Chiayu tempura (稚鮎天) 400 yen

Tenfusa have fresh tuna sashimi, too. So, I ordered tuna sashimi set, too.

Tuna sashimi set (まぐろ定食) 1000 yen

This day’s tuna was really fresh and very good. I needed more rice, so I had second helping (free of charge). I ate it as sashimi bowl 🙂


Name Tenfusa (天房)
Open Morning through noon
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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