(Moved) Sendagi : Dinner at Yakitori Imai (焼鳥 今井)

Liver and strawberry, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi) Tokyo
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Notice: Yakitori-imai is temporarily closed to move to Gaienmae area close to Harajuku and Omotesando.

Grilled foods that go with wine well.

My friend asked me to join dinner at Yakitori Imai in Sendagi area and went to there 🙂

Signboard, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


I knew this restaurant well because my friends eat oyakodon at lunchtime on Saundays so frequently. And also this restaurant had been in my list for a long time that I wanted to visit in the near future.

Maybe this was the first time to get off at Sendagi subway station.

Basically they prepare one course only (about 6000 yen). Just the chef ask us what we don’t like to eat.
He serve some meats as rare.  So, if you don’t like rare meats, you should say in advance. I love rare meats, so there’s no problem 🙂

My first drink was beer.
At first, I ordered normal beer, but the lady said to me that they have yuzu-taste beer in stock. So I ordered it.
Yuzu white , Minoo beer (箕面ビール ゆずホ和イト)
Certainly, it had yuzu flavor and was sweet like honey. It was good ! 🙂
The label was cute, too.

Yuzu Howaito beer, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


At first, tofu in chicken soup (鶏スープ豆腐入り) was served.

Boiled tofu, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Sashimi (刺身)
Left is tataki of leg meat and the right is marinated breast meat with konbu.

Sashimi, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Liver putty (レバーパテ)

Liver putty, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)

White asparagus (ホワイトアスパラガス)
The burnt smell was good and it was sweet.

White asparagus, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Abura-age (油揚げ)
Deep fried tofu.

Abura-age, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)

Liver and strawberry (レバーといちご)
I was so surprised that the chef grill it in front of me. Liver and strawberry ? I couldn’t imagine the taste.
But unexpectedly warm strawberry was tasty and it went with liver well.

Liver and strawberry, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Tsukune (つくね)
The green things were coriander. Much fat overflew and it was hard to eat. But delicious. I needed more…

tsukune, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Watermelon radish (紅芯大根)

Watermelon radish, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Pickled vegetables (おしんこ)
It refreshed inside of my mouth.

Pickled vegetables, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Isobemaki of chicken breast tender (鶏ささみの磯辺巻き)

Isobemaki of chicken breast tender, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)

chicken tail(ぼんじり)

Chicken tail, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)

Because the chef serve fatty chicken tail, I felt like eating it with glass of Red wine(グラスワイン赤)

Red wine, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


yakitori was served again.

Yakitori, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)



Carrot, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)

Truffe and egg (トリュフとたまご)
No words are needed. Just great.

Truffe and egg, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Sweet potato (さつまいも)
My friend’s entree. She shared us 🙂 It was so sweet.

Potato, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Simmered giblets of chickens (もつ煮)

Simmered innards of chickens, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)

Entree could be chosen from some. I chose my entree dove.(+1900yen)

Duck meat, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


My friend’s meat that grilled in front of me. “Oh my… It must be awesome, too…”
I thought such a thing.

Beef, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Happily, my friend gave a piece to us 🙂
It was delicious as I thought !

Beef meat got from my friend, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)


Coriander salad (パクチーサラダ)

Coriander salad, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)

Last, takikomi gohan cooked in the earthen hotpot named donabe (excluded in the course) !
Yakitori Donabe mabushi (焼とり土鍋まぶし, 1500 yen)

Donabe gohan in earthen pot, Yakitori Imai (Sendagi)

Of course, the dove that was my entree was delicious, but I should have eaten yakitori more. (yakitori could be chosen as entree without additional charge). His yakitori was great 🙂

I’ll visit there again soon for eating oyakodon at lunchtime with my friend 🙂

About Yakitori Imai (焼鳥 今井)

Address / 2-29-4 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Sendagi station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 18:00 – 22:00
Sundays lunchtime / 11:00 – 14:00 (Oyakodon only)
Closed / Mondays

Twitter / @yakitoriimai



  1. Mike Lutz says:

    No address? It looks so good I want to go.

    • Ryoko says:

      Sorry, I now added the information of Imai 🙂 If you go there at dinner time, you’d better reserve in advance because there are only 10 seats or so.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Oh, goodness ! They all look so delicious.

  3. Ronnie says:

    Does this place have an English menu?

    • Ryoko says:

      I’m afraid they don’t have English menu.
      But as I said on this post, they basically have one course only. So if you say anything you particularly want to eat and about your disliking foods when you take reservation, they prepare best course for you 🙂

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