Closed – [Tsukiji] Thai foods at Tarad nut (タラーッナット)

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There are many attracting lunch spots a little distance from the center of Tsukiji. So, walking around there is really fun ! One day, I found such a nice restaurant. Their name is Tarad Nut (タラーッナット). They are Thai restaurant. But the signboard and flag looks like France… ?

All lunch set is 900 yen. And everything is available TO GO (600 yen). Many people visited for TO GO one after another. Though the restaurant is large and there are counter seats and tables, there were many vacant tables.

I chose Gapao Gai. All set have salad and soup if we eat inside the restaurant.

Gapao Gai (ガパオ・ガイ) 900 yen

While eating the salad and the soup, my gapao was served soon. It looked cute, but the amount of rice was large… The fried foods, too.The rice was Jasmine rice 🙂 The sauce soaked into the rice well. The texture of the rice was good. But it was rather Japanese tastes because it was seasoned with Japanese soy sauce, not nam pla (Thai fish sauce). And also it didn’t have much coriander. I wanted more coriander. But good.


Name Tarad Nut (タラーッナット)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Available for dinner time only
URL Facebook

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