Curry / カレー / 咖哩


Moved – [Tokyo] Scallop curry at Curry no Akimbo (カレーのアキンボ) in Kinshicho

One day, I intended tp go back to home directly after my work. But suddenly I wanted to go to Curry no Akimbo (カレーのアキンボ...

[Atago] Pakistani lunch at Handi Restaurant (ハンディレストラン)

My friendasked me to have lunch with them at Pakistani restaurantat weekend. Therestanrant stands on Atago. Atago isin ...

[Tokyo] Tandoori bar Kamal Pur (カマルプール) in Kiba

My friend asked me to join dinner at Kamal Pur (カマルプール) in Kiba. Of course, I joined. They are tandoori restaurant and ...

[Tokyo] Sri Lankan curry at Ceylon drop (セイロンドロップ) in Suidobashi

Japan don't have much Sri Lankan foods restaurants yet. I always search for them. Ceylon Drop (セイロンドロップ) in Suidobashi ...

[Motoyawata] Indian curry lunch at Sapna (サプナ)

I was satisfied with the cheese kulcha that I had at Khybel the other day. So I want to eat cheese kulcha near my house...
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