(Quit lunchtime) Sushi Itsuki (鮨いつき) in Ginza

Jo-Nigiri, Sushi Itsuki (Ginza) Tokyo
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Notice : Now, they don’t serve this inexpensive sushi set at lunchtime.
At lunchtime, they serve lunch course from 3500 yen (not tax included) and reservation required in advance.
(July 24th, 2015)

I took a lunch at Ginza the other day. The restaurant that is named Sushi Itsuki is open at lunch time from Tuesdays to Saturdays 🙂
Itsuki serves inexpensive sushi set at lunchtime for Ginza. Recently whenever I want to eat sushi on Saturdays, I visit there.

It stands back alley and it is in such a small building. The restaurant is the 2nd floor.

Appearance, Sushi Itsuki (Ginza)


It’s close to Higashi-Ginza station. It’s a little hard to find.

The entrance looks like fancy sushi restaurant.

Shop curtain, Sushi Itsuki (Ginza)

Lunch menu

Itsuki serves three sushi set at lunchtime.

*Nigiri(にぎり, 1050 yen) 10 portions of sushi
*Jyo-Nigiri(上にぎり, 1260 yen) 13 portions 
*Tokujo-Nigiri(特上にぎり, 2100 yen) 10 portions

The difference between Nigiri and Jyo-Nigiri is the number of sushi.
Tokujo-Nigiri uses better seafood than Nigiri and Jyo-Nigiri. The number of sushi is the same as Nigiri.

Jyo Nigiri

I want to eat a lot, so I always order Jyo Nigiri (上にぎり).

At first, small salads was served. It is nice space mat ! It is made of Japanese paper !
I know it sells at Tsukiji. I bought similar one before.  If you want to get such a paper, go to Tsukiji 😉

Salad, Sushi Itsuki (Ginza)

After a while, sushi set was served.

Jo-Nigiri, Sushi Itsuki (Ginza)

Tuna, yellowtail, salmon, mackerel, bonito, boiled shrimp, deep-water shrimp, squid, ikura, left-over meat of tuna, sea urchin, tamagoyaki and tuna sushi roll.
It was hearty meal. I got full. It is happy to full my stomach with sushi 😛 Don’t you think so ? I think it’s valuable and delicious sushi lunch !

By the way, this is Jyo Nigiri another day. The species of seafood change belongs to stock.

Jo nigiri, Sushi Itsuki (Ginza)

About Sushi Itsuki (鮨いつき)

Address / Nagayama Bldg 2F, 6-13-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-6228-4483

Open / 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Closed / Sundays, national holidays

Reservation / Required for lunchtime, Available for dinner time
Credit card / Available
Smoking / Not permitted
English menu / No
URL / Website (in Japanese only)


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