Shintomicho : Sushi Hashimoto in November (鮨はしもと)

Kobakogani, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho) Tokyo
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Thanks to my friends, I could visit Sushi Hashimoto again. Once in a month !
But, finally, we couldn’t reserve next time at that time 🙁
The reservation was full for another two months.

Shop curtain, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

月1鮨はしもとの会ヽ(`▽´)/ 来月は予約がいっぱいでいけません!(T_T)

The shop curtain has changed. The orange curtain looks warm.

Hashimoto’s otsumami can’t be eaten without sake ! The staff chose this Ishizuchi (石鎚) for me.
Ishizuchi is a place in Ehime prefecture and this is one of the place that I want to visit someday. So, I was glad that he chose it 🙂

Ishidzuchi, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

ここのおつまみは、お酒が必要ですね、ハイ( ・`ω・´)

Otoshi was Kinukatsugi (きぬかつぎ). Kinukatsugi is unpeeled boiled taro. Do you know it? I didn’t know.
This was the first time to eat it. I had no idea how to eat it. My friend next me showed me how to eat. Its peel was easily removed by

Kinukatsugi, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Filefish (カワハギ)

Filefish, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


With it. Soy sauce and filefish’s innards mixed altogether well.
Of course, the filefish was enough delicious without it, this sauce was splendid and I didn’t want to leave one drop of it !

Soy sauce with filefish innards, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Golden cuttlefish (すみいか)
My delight !

Golden cuttlefish sashimi, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Natural-grown scallop (天然のほたて)
It had natural sweetness.

Natural-grown scallop, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Kobako-gani (Female crab, 香箱蟹)
Kobako-gani is female crab that caught in Ishikawa fishing port area from November 6th to December 29th only.Though it is small crab and don’t have much meats, it has plenty of eggs and those are great.

Kobakogani, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


I ate two female crabs called seiko-gani caught in Sakaiminato area of Tottori in the daytime before Sushi Hashimoto. And I ate again. But I never got tired of eating it 🙂

Marinated oyster with miso and roasted striped marlin (牡蠣の味噌漬けとマカジキのロースト)
This striped marlin tasted like roasted fatty pork !

Marinated oyster with miso and roasted striped marlin, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Chawanmushi (茶碗蒸し). Soft roe was in it !

chawanmushi having soft roe, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Well, last otsumami was as same as usual, grilled fish.
That day’s grilled fish was Japanese butterfish(えぼ鯛). As its name, so fatty fish as you see.

grilled Japanese butterfish, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


And then, gari was served and our sushi time started !

At first, Gizzard shad (小肌)

Gizzard shad, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Young red sea bream (春子鯛)
This was the best at that time.

young red sea bream, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Kobako-gani (Spanish mackerel, サワラ)

Spanish mackerel, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

Vinegared mackerel (シメサバ)

Vinegared mackerel, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

Toro part of tuna (トロ)

Toro, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

Clam (はまぐり)
It was seasoned too sweet for me.

Clam, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Kuruma prawn (車海老)
It was also too sweet. Perhaps, I might feel so because of the sweetness of clam before it.

Kuruma prawn, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Yellowtail (鰤)

Yellowtail, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

Sea urchin (うに)

Sea urchin, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

And I added it. My delight.
Golden cuttlefish (すみいか)

Golden cuttlefish, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

ここでやはりすみいか注文です( ・`ω・´)

Last, Conger eel (穴子)

Conger eel, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)


Shijimi clam soup (しじみ汁)
Shijimi clam soup, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

Tamagoyaki (たまごやき)
Tamagoyaki, Sushi Hashimoto (Shintomicho)

I said we couldn’t take reservation at that time.
But my friend called Hashimoto to take reservation a few days later and he got seats next time, February.
So, we can’t go there next month, but we can go there in February (and this month :P)!

About Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと)

Address / Maki Plaza Bldg 1F, 1-15-11, Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Shintomicho station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 18:00 – 23:00
Closed / Mondays



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