(Closed) Minowa : Top quality yakiniku at Shichirin

Appearance of Shichirin (Minowa) Tokyo
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Notice : Sumibi-Yakiniku Shichirin already quit their business because of the town redevelopment.
They moved to Ichigaya and opened “Sumibi-Yakiniku Nakahara” (English, Chinese language)
(July 18th, 2015)

Great beef tongue at Shichirin

I went to Minowa to eat yakiniku half a month before. The restaurant name was Shichirin.

I was so busy working, so recently I didn’t go out for dinner.

Appearance of Shichirin (Minowa)


Shichirin’s shichirin(charcoal brazier).

Shichirin of Shichirin (Minowa)

七厘の七輪(・∀・)ニヤニヤ 待ちうけるはコース料理!

This day, we ordered course, assorted kimchi, yukhoejang soup, eggs soup and leftover pieces of white meats.

Maboroshi no tan (that means transient beef tongue, まぼろしのタン)
Great meat came from the start. But this needs extra charge.

Salted beeftongue, Shichirin (Minowa)


Grilling three slices of beef tongue.

Grilling salted beeftongue, Shichirin (Minowa)


My beef tongue … 😀

My beeftongue, Shichirin  (Minowa)


Fillet (ヒレ)

Fillet, Shichirin (Minowa)


I don’t remember the name of meats’ part. Because dense smoke attacked my eyes at first, then I moved another seat, but my eyes smarted all the time. Still I managed to take the pictures. 😀

This slices of meats were large, so…
Sirloin (サーロイン)

Beefmeats, Shichirin (Minowa)


We had to be careful about putting 3 slices of meats on a grill, or it was going to overflow !

Beefmeats grilled on the shichirin, Shichirin (Minowa)


This restaurant seemed, they like making a curve by slices of meats.
Excellent chuck rib (特上三角)

Beefmeats2, Shichirin (Minowa)


Taking a picture all together ! 😛

On the table, Shichirin (Minowa)


Mt. leftover pieces (for 7 persons, 切り落とし肉)

Kiriotoshi, Shichirin (Minowa)


A friend a little far from me made yakiniku beef bowl ! I wonder where such a big bowl all go?

My friends's handmade beef bowl, Shichirin (Minowa)

自前の焼肉丼を作りだしちゃう人とか(ノ∀`) アチャー

Corned beef (コンビーフ)
It had much oil. Meats oil.  My chopsticks after eating yakiniku melted its oil rapidly. I couldn’t hold the slice of corned beef by my chopsticks well.

Tasted corned beef, Shichirin (Minowa)


1800 yen… Expensive !

Corned beef, Shichirin (Minowa)


We ate almond jelly (杏仁豆腐) for dessert.
Blueberry sauce went with almond jelly unexpectedly. It was good. But I thought this almond jelly didn’t need the blueberry sauce. This almond jelly itself had strong and good taste.

Almond jelly, Shichirin (Minowa)


Blands of sake name on discolored papers on the wall.

Walls of Shichirin (Minowa)


Walls of Shichirin, Japanese sake list (Minowa)


Though it was so smoky , but every meats were very good 😀

Typhoon Jelawat coming!
The wind is growing stronger and stronger and stronger.

I’m thrilled with before typhoon coming.
But once typhoon coming, it annoy me. 😛

Oh, if the lights go out, I hve to eat Haagen-Dazs ice cream in my refrigerator lest the lights should go out 😛

About Shichirin (七厘)

Address / 1-17-11 Higashi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo
Station / Minowa station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 17:00 – 22:30
Closed / Wednesdays
Website / http://www.7-rin.com/(in Japanese only)



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