Yotsuya-sanchome : Sharikimon Chawanbu

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Luxuary Japanese restaurant along Charikimon street.

I went to eat at Sharikimon Chawanbu at Arakicho near Yotsuya Sanchome subway station 11 August.

This was the first time to pay over 10000 yen course menu by my self 😛
At first, I felt uneasy. I worried about being rejected by the restaurant 🙁
Still we had appointment.
I worried about whether my clothes is OK or Not. I hadn’t been to such a classical Japanese cuisene restaurant. I went to there with best clothes :O

“Well, what is Sharikimon(車力門) !?”, at first, I thought.
Then I found it is a street name. “Sharikimon street.”
The restaurant faces on the street.

It had so cute and dignified appearance.

Appearance, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


Entering the restaurant, I found it had friendly atmosphere 🙂

We ordered 12000 yen course menu this time 😀

Eggplants marinated with Tosazu, tsukuneimo, additive-free sea urchin and winter melon

Tsukuneimo and winter melon, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


This dish looked cook 😀

Assorted sashimi (お刺身)

Sea bream, bonito caught in Katsuura, red bream caught in Izu and sea urchin caught in Awaji.

Assorted sashimi, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


This bonito was excellent 🙂 My favorite way to eating it was with myoga, without soy sauce. 🙂

Sea urchin was so smooth texture and it melted in my mouth softly.

Blackthroat seaperch in the clear soup with mizore. (“Mizore” means grated daikon radish, 赤ムツのみぞれ椀)

Blackthroat seaperch soup, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


Soup made from sea bream. Its smell was so sweet.

Fig with dengaku (いちじくの田楽)
I heard this fig won the Grand Prix at the competition.

Fig with dengaku, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


To tell the truth, I didn’t like fig. Because, I had eaten so nasty home-grown fig (my friend’s) on my childhood. I never ate fig ever since.
No sooner I saw fig that time, I recalled that nasty fig 🙁
At first, I didn’t want to eat it, but this course menu was expensive for me,I tried to eat it unwillingly.

But it was very good fig 😀 I learned to like fig. Of course, good fig only 😛
Like jelly.

A sardine caught in Osaka Bay (大阪湾のいわし)

Boiled sardine, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


Fatty sardine 😀 It was very good.
I heard sardines are so good this year. Quite so !

“Yamagata” beef A5 rank cutlets (山形牛A5ランクのカツレツ)

Beef cutlet, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)



I was glad to come this restaurant 😀
I had never eaten such a soft and juicy beefmeats 😀

Rice, miso soup with Kyouage, salted salmon roe and pickled vegetables

Rice and miso soup, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


The fat oozed out of this kyouage was good. It had a sugary taste a bit.

While eating rice, Yamagata” beef A5 rank steak (山形牛のステーキ) came. Wonderful 😀

Yamagata A5 rank steak, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


It was good too, but I wanted to have more rare one.

Last, a cup of roasted green tea and a piece of fig (緑茶といちじく)

Fig, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


Fig and tea, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


Beef cutlets was so good 😀
It was like a dream. I enjoyed eating wonderful meals 🙂

Well, I’m going to bed now. I was very sleepy this daytime. I wanted to go to bed no sooner I reached home. But no sooner I reached home, I awoke 🙁
I feel good now.
(Thus, heap up my fatigue.. )
But, I’ll be able to keep sleepping until late in the tomorrow morning.
Because I’m going to take tomorrow off !
Maybe I’ll go to Tsukiji tomorrow. I have nothing to do tomorrow.
Or, bouldering at “Rocky” ?

About Sharikimon Chawanbu (車力門ちゃわんぶ)

Address / Shima Bldg.1F, 3-22 Arakicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Station / Yotsuya-sanchome station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 18:00 – 23:00
Closed / Sundays, national holidays

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