(Closed) Sharikimon Chawanbu (車力門ちゃわんぶ) in Yotsuya Sanchome

Beef cutlet, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome) Tokyo
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They quit their business on December 2017.
The chef work as manager and chef at Kurogi (くろぎ).
(November 10, 2018)

I went to eat at Sharikimon Chawanbu at Arakicho near Yotsuya Sanchome subway station.

This was the first time to pay over 10000 yen course menu by myself 😛
At first, I felt uneasy. I worried about being rejected by the restaurant. Dress code ? I’m OK ?
I hadn’t been to such a classical Japanese cuisine restaurant. I went to there with best clothes :O

It had so cute and dignified appearance.

Appearance, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)


Chawanbu is located along Sharikimon street.
So they have word “Sharikimon” on their name.

Fancy Japanese cuisine course

On entering the restaurant, I found it had friendly atmosphere. There’re counter seats and divided rooms. We ordered 12000 yen course (ex tax, service fee 10%) when we took reservation.

Eggplants marinated with Tosazu, tsukuneimo, additive-free sea urchin and winter melon

Beautiful. The winter melon was good.

Tsukuneimo and winter melon, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

Assorted sashimi (お刺身)

Sea bream, bonito caught in Katsuura, red bream caught in Izu and sea urchin caught in Awaji.This bonito was excellent 🙂 My favorite way to eating it was with myoga, without soy sauce. Sea urchin was so smooth texture and it melted in my mouth softly.

Assorted sashimi, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

Blackthroat seaperch in the clear soup with mizore. (“Mizore” means grated daikon radish, 赤ムツのみぞれ椀)
Soup made from sea bream. Its smell was so sweet.

Blackthroat seaperch soup, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

Fig with dengaku (いちじくの田楽)
I heard this fig won the Grand Prix at the competition.

Fig with dengaku, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

To tell the truth, I didn’t like fig. Because, I had eaten so nasty home-grown fig (my friend’s) on my childhood. I never ate fig ever since.
No sooner I saw fig that time, I recalled that nasty fig 🙁
But I tried. And I found it’s very tasty. It’s like jelly. Now I like fig ! Of course, good fig only.

A sardine caught in Osaka Bay (大阪湾のいわし)

Boiled sardine, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

Fatty sardine 😀 It was very good.
I heard sardines are so good this year. Quite so !

“Yamagata” beef A5 rank cutlets (山形牛A5ランクのカツレツ)
I was glad to come this restaurant.
I had never eaten such a soft and juicy beefmeats 😀

Beef cutlet, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

Rice, miso soup with Kyouage, salted salmon roe and pickled vegetables

The fat oozed out of this kyouage was good. It had a sugary taste a bit.

Rice and miso soup, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

While eating rice, Yamagata” beef A5 rank steak (山形牛のステーキ) came. Wonderful 😀

Yamagata A5 rank steak, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

It was good too, but I wanted to have more rare one.

Last, a cup of roasted green tea and a piece of fig (緑茶といちじく)

Fig, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

Fig and tea, Chawanbu (Yotsuya-sanchome)

I like beef cutlet best in all dishes that I had at this dinner.
It was like a dream. I enjoyed eating wonderful meals 🙂

About Sharikimon Chawanbu (車力門ちゃわんぶ)

Address / Shima Bldg.1F, 3-22 Arakicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone / 03-3356-1680

Open / 6 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Closed / Sundays, national holidays

Reservation / Required
Smoking / Not permitted
Credit card / Available
English menu / No


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