Sushi Den (寿司 田) in Narita Airport


Sushi in the airport

Whenever I fly to abroad, I feel like eating sushi. But I always don’t enough time to eat in the airport.
But I mistook the time last time. I got to there one hour earlier.

I used Terminal 2. As well as Terminal 1, Terminal 2 have some sushi restaurants.
I chose this sushi restaurant having such an luxury appearance among them.
Sushi Den. Sushi Den have much branches in Japan. Especially in airports. Also Haneda airport, too.

Appearance, SushiDen Narita airport branch (narita)

Though the entrance is narrow, the restaurant is larger than expected. There are long counter seats and many tables. You can put large baggage at the baggage container.

Interior, SushiDen Narita airport branch (narita)


This is regular set menus. From 2100 yen (plus tax). It’s rather expensive.

Sample, SushiDen Narita airport branch (narita)

But don’t worry. If you visit there at lunchtime, there’s lunch menus from 950 yen (plus tax) !

Lunch menus, SushiDen Narita airport branch (narita)

From top to bottom,
翡翠(Hisui) 1,200 yen
若草(Wakakusa)  950 yen
真珠(Shinju) 1,400 yn
ちらし紅(Chirashi Beni) 1,000 yen

You can have sushi in the airplane, too. “To go” menu.

To go, SushiDen Narita airport branch (narita)

Hisui (翡翠)

I chose Hisui  that time.
All lunch set have salad. As soon as finished order, salad was served.

Salad, SushiDen Narita airport branch (narita)

Hisui set.

Hisui set, SushiDen Narita airport branch (narita)

Hisui set have 10 pieces of sushi.
Tuna (Akami, Chutoro), white fish, salmon, squid, boiled shrimp, crab meat, conger eel, negitoro and tamago.

Hisui, SushiDen Narita airport branch (narita)

The quality of sushi is so-so. It was better than expected. I expected that sushi restaurant in the airport is not good. Actually it used to be not good.
But now restaurants in the airport is improving.

About Sushi Den Narita airport branch (寿司田 成田空港店)

Address / Narita International airport Terminal 2, 1-1 Furugome, Narita-shi, Chiba
Open / 9:00 – 21:00
Closed / no scheduled
Website / (in Japanese only)



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