Taipei 2016 Spring : Awesome Mango Xue Hua Bing at Pinsan (冰讃)

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The most impressive food at this trip !

As soon as I got to Shuanglian station, I went straight to this shop having blue signboard.
As far as I know, everyone who visited Taipei enjoyed this shop without fail.

Appearance, Pinsan, Shuanglian (Taipei 201605)


The shop’s name “冰讃” means “delicious ice” 🙂
As its name, they serve shaved ice !
This shop is so popular among Japanese tourists. And almost all people in the shop seemed to be Japanese :p Japanese words can be heard here and there.
They are open from the end of April to October only.

Menu, Pinsan, Shuanglian (Taipei 201605)

こちらはとっても有名なかき氷屋さん。お客のほぼ全員が日本人でした(ノ∀`) 4月下旬~10月まで期間限定のお店。

One of my reason to visit to Taipei is this shop 🙂

They take our orders at the desk and they handle exchange card having number to us. After they prepare our foods, they call our number. Number is called both Japanese and Chinese. At first they call number in Japanese and then call again in Chinese because almost all people who visit there is Japanese :p

Interior, Pinsan, Shuanglian (Taipei 201605)


And many Japanese who visit there order this shaved ice.
Mango Xue Hua Bing (芒果雪花冰, $NT120)

Mango Xue Hua Bing, Pinsan, Shuanglian (Taipei 201605)

そして多くの人が注文するのがこちら(*´Д`) ミルクかき氷にたっぷりのマンゴー。そのうえに練乳。むちゃくちゃおいしい!

I hadn’t eaten such a delicious shaved ice having mango. In Japan, we can’t eat so much delicious mango because it is expensive. But in Taiwan, this shaved ice can be eaten just $4 because Taiwan is warm all year around. Inexpensive !

Table outside, Pinsan, Shuanglian (Taipei 201605)


By the way, when I visited there, it cost us $NT120. But I know now it cost us $NT100. About $3.5 !

I’ll stay at hotel near this shop next time for visiting this shop two times a day … !
To tell the truth, I visited this shop and ate it the next day, too :p

About Pinsan (冰讃)

Address / 台北市雙連街2号
Station / Shuanglian station (雙連站)
Open / 11:00 – 23:00
Closed / except May (sometime end of April) – October


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