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[Taipei] Chung Ching Shrimp Rice (忠青商行) in Taipei main station


Four years have passed since I visited Taiwan before. Finally ! I’m in Taipei ! I couldn’t decide my first meal at Taipei after long long intervals. But I had no choice when my calf hurt before leaving for Taipei in the plane. I was really hungry but I wanted to walk on the flat floor. So, I had lunch in Taipei station.

Chung Ching Shrimp Rice (忠青商行) was one of the restaurant where I wanted to visit this time. Their head shop is close to Shandao temple. They have shrimp rice (蝦仁飯) mainly. Shrimp rice is local food of Tainan. But their shrimp rice is differ from Tainan’s. This branch is still new. And stylish. But their service is typical Taiwanese cafeteria’s.

When I got to there around 2 p.m. there were about 7 people waiting. But there were some vacant seats after a while. So, we could secure seats with easily if we avoid busy hour. They are located on the second floor of Taipei station.


We can order shrimp rice only at the head shop, but this branch require us to order it in the set with small food. At first, we choose one from rice or noodles. This is rice.

Noodles. And we choose one from A, B, C. A have three small dishes.

And another, they have dishes. We need to order with mobile phone. The website have Chinese and English words. And the payment is at cashier after eating. If you have no idea, staffs take your order. Actually, Japanese group next to me did so.

So, I chose A having two dishes and one soup because my stomach was empty. Deep fried tofu, bamboo shoot, fish balls soup. I got chili oil, too (free).

Shrimp rice set (極品好蝦炊飯套餐)

Fish balls soup seemed that it have much extract of shrimps. But it didn’t have much flavor of shrimps :p But it had refreshing tastes and was good.

The bamboo shoot was soft. It was seasoned with salt lightly. It had goji berry on it.

And deep fried tofu. It was seasoned with Chinese spices strongly. I felt uncomfortable a bit because I ate such a food after long intervals. So, I put chili oil on it. It became quite spicy, but I liked it.

And this is shrimp rice. 極品好蝦炊飯. I ordered it with extra shrimp (plus 50 TWD). So, it cost me 278 TWD in total. It had much small shrimps and those were so springy and good.

The rice had sauce having much ectrract of shrimps. Good ! I just remembered that I forgot to order fried egg. I like shrimp rice with half-cooked frid egg on it. I want to do that without fail next time.

By the way, I ordered it with normal amount of rice. But somehow my rice was large and it was differ from that next to me. It’s their hospitality ? Umm. I felt entirely full.


Name Chung Ching Shrimp Rice, Breeze Center (忠青商行 微風台北車站店)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Available
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