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[Taipei] Mango and tofu pudding at Go Za Vi Toufa (古早味豆花) in Taipei


Finally, I ate shaved ice with mango at Go Za Vi Toufa (古早味豆花) in Shuanglian area. Though I visited there several times, this was the first time to eat mango because mostly I visit Taiwan in Autumn. I hate muggy summer of Taiwan as well as in Japan.

Right is special menu of mango shaved ice from June to Autumn only. They have two kinds of shaved ice with mango. One is snow ice (雪花冰, 160 TWD) and another is normal ice (刨冰, 130 TWD).

I chose snow ice with mango. So many pieces of mango on the snow ice ! It have milk shaved ice, mango, mango sauce and condense milk.

Snow ice with mango (芒果牛奶雪花冰) 160 TWD

And I also ate it. Tofu pudding with taro balls. These taro balls had springy texture. I heard Taiwanese people love such a texture and they call such a texture “QQ”.

Tofu pudding with taro balls (芋圓豆花) 40 TWD

For example, “These taro balls are QQ”. My stomach is always full with such sweet foods during my trip in Taiwan :p


Name Go Za Vi Toufa (古早味豆花)
Open Day through night
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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