Ningyocho : Ore-no-French (俺のフレンチ)

Lobster poele with basil sauce and Beurre blanc sauce, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho) Tokyo
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“Ore-no” group in the news !

I wrote about  Ore-no-Italian last month.

And one month later, I went to Ore-no-French the other day ! Finally ! It is Ningyocho branch.
There were lots of people waiting in front of the restaurant before the opening.

Ore-no-French NINGYOCHO

Appearance, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


But it seems that we can enter the restaurant without waiting if we come the restaurant before the opening. At stand-up-eating style.
If you want to be seated and eat, you have to reserve in advance.
We can stay the restaurant only two hours, so we order our drinks quickly.
My drink was Marigny-Neuf Pinot Noir (マリニーヌフ ピノノワール, 600 yen). And Parmigiano Reggiano.

Marigny neuf pinot noir 2011 and cheese, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


I have drunk only cheap wines and I don’t know the taste of expensive wines. At least, I don’t like cheap Pinot noir.
I hate Cono Sur’s, too.

Ceasar salad (おれんちのシーザーサラダ) 580 yen

Caesar salad, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


I like caesar salad because its dressing is rich and tasty.

Galette sud France (ガレット スゥッドフランス) 780 yen

Galette sud France, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


Its flavor of truffle was so rich !

Lobster poele with basil sauce and Beurre blanc sauce
(オマール海老のポアレ バジリコ風味 ソースブールブラン) 1580 yen

Lobster poele with basil sauce and Beurre blanc sauce, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


grilled cod roe with butter and herb (真ダラの白子 香草バター焼き) 690 yen

Herb-flavored grilled cod roe with butter, Ore-no-French NIngyocho (Ningyocho)


Soft roe took me to the heaven 😀

Tournedos rossini with beef fillet and foie gras (牛フィレとフォアグラのロッシーニ) 1380 yen

Tournedos Rossini with beef fillet and foie gras, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


The meat was so juicy and tasty.

Round meat of Ezo deer poele with juniper butter
(蝦夷鹿のもも肉のポアレ ジュニパーベリーバターとともに) 1200 yen

Round meat of Ezo deer poele with juniper butter, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


The meat was so chewy…. 🙁

Roasted beef (ローストビーフ)

Roasted beef, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


It was not on the menus, we asked the waiter, “What is recommend ?”
It was tasty.

Onion soup au gratin (オニオングラタンスープ パリジェンヌ風) 640 yen

Onion soup au gratin, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


Risotto with truffle and foie grast
俺フレの”トリュフとフォアグラ”のリゾット) 1180 yen

Risotto with truffle and foie grast, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


My next drink was Freude Beeren Auselese (ベーレンアウスレーゼ フロイデ, 600 yen)

Freude Beeren Auselese, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


I thought it had German wine name though the menu didn’t have its production areas. So I ordered it. I like sweet German wine 😀

Walnut and caramel mille feuille with caramel ice cream
(くるみとキャラメルのミルフィーユ キャラメルアイス添え) 480 yen

walnut and caramel mille-feuille with caramel ice cream, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


It was bitter unexpectedly. I like the bitterness.

Fromage (フロマージュ)

Fromage, Ore-no-French Ningyocho (Ningyocho)


Also it was not on the menus. It was really soft. It melted in my mouth quickly 😀

Everything except deer was tasty, but I don’t like the atmosphere of the restaurant, as same as Ore-no-Italian.

Get out.

I felt we were rushed 🙁

I want to feel free to eat and drink at restaurants.
If you especially want to eat and drink good foods at cheaper price, I recommend you the restaurant. But if you want to enjoy eating, I recommend another restaurant.
I say again. Those dishes were good. 🙂

About Ore-no-French Ningyocho (俺のフレンチNINGYOCHO)

Address / 2-2-6 Nihonbashi-Ningyocho, Cyuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Ningyocho station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 16:00 – 23:00
Sundays and national holidays / 15:00 – 22:30
Closed / No scheduled
Website /



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