French foods


[Osaka] Naniwa French BEGIN (なにわフレンチ びぎん) in Namba

We had dinner here first night of our trip to Osaka.We had dinner at Naniwa French Begin (なにわフレンチ びぎん) at first night o...

[Tokyo] French foods at La Porte Rouge (ラ・ポルトルージュ) in Kiba

I heard that there's a French foods restaurant that serves hearty meal at lunchtime, especially meat. I wanted to go th...

[Makuhari] Birthday dinner at Cinq au pied (サンク・オ・ピエ) in Makuhari Hongo

December 20th is my birthday. So, we went to eat French in Makuhari-Hongo. Cinq au pied I heard the restaurant's ...
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