(Moved) Tsukiji Market : Sauteed chicken at Odayasu (小田保)

Sauted chicken from the top, Odayasu (Tsukiji Market) Tokyo
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Sauteed chicken being out of the menu now.

I went to Odayasu for eating sauteed chicken on regular menus. But, there’s no word “sauteed chicken” in the shop.
I asked the man “I saw sauteed chicken on the menu before…”
The man said to me, “We don’t have it on the menu anymore, but we can serve it :)”
So, I ordered it 🙂

I was supposed to order from regular menus after a long absence.
But finally, I ordered food that isn’t on the menu at Odayasu !

I regretted a bit but also I was excited that I opened the new door while waiting and then my breakfast was served.
Someone called it meat debris flow.

Sauteed chicken set (チキンソテー定食, around 1200 yen)
I forgot its exact price. Maybe 12** yen…

Sauted chicken set, Odayasu (Tsukiji Market)


This round meat of chicken was fatty and juicy. And its skin had springy texture. The sauce was seasoned with soy sauce and sugar.

Sauted chicken from the horizon, Odayasu (Tsukiji Market)

甘めのたれが絡まった香ばしいチキンソテー。誰が名付けたか、「ニクの土石流」( ̄ー ̄)

You can imagine ? This sauce having much juice of the chicken soaked into the shredded cabbage and potato salad. It’s soooo good !

Sauted chicken from the top, Odayasu (Tsukiji Market)

定番メニューを食べに来たはずが つ い に わ た し は メ ニ ュ ー に な い も の を た の ん で し ま っ た !

One slice of the chicken. Huge. Most of people will be satisfied with this hearty meal. But it’s too much for ladies. Me, too. I recommend you share it and another seafood with someone 🙂

Sauted chicken on the rice, Odayasu (Tsukiji Market)

でも、お肉柔らかいし、皮プルプルだし、最高。そ し て 私 は ま た 新 し い 扉 を 開 け た(`・ω・´)

You might think Tsukiji is a place for eating seafood, but they also have good meat because there’re some meat wholesale shop outside Tsukiji market.

About Odayasu(小田保)

Address / Tsukiji Market Bldg No.6, 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukijisijo station (Toei subway)
Open / 4:00 ? 13:00
Closed / Market’s holidays



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