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Closed – [Tsukiji Market] Spring tastes at Kato (和食かとう)


Salmons that caught in Spring is called “Sakura masu”, associated with cherry blossoms (sakura) that is a symbol of Spring. I couldn’t eat cherry salmon last year because I was so busy…… but I ate it the other day at Kato (和食かとう) in Tsukiji Market !

This. They serve it with much grated daikon radish. Refreshing ! I love its skin, so of course, I ate everything.

Grilled sakuramasu with salt set (サクラマスの塩焼き定食) 1500 yen

My friend ate tsubodai. Tsubodai is Japanese armorhead in English. It’s small fish. But this fish is so fatty. It was marinated with saikyo miso before grilled. Saikyo miso is seasoned white miso with sugar, vinegar, mirin and so on. I tasted it. It’s flavorful and it wasn’t so salty.

Grilled tsubodai marinated with Saikyo miso set (つぼ鯛の西京焼き定食) 1500 yen

And we shared it. firefly squid nuta. Nuta is seasoned miso. This miso is similar to Saikyo miso. It’s also tastes of Spring and this is my delight ! Firefly squid is tiny, so it can be eaten in one bite. So, we can enjoy its innards and its meat in one bite.

Firefly squid nuta (ほたるいかのぬた) 700 yen

There are too many foreign tourists in Tsukiji Market even on weekday’s early morning because of weak yen. But I heard that there were fewer people the other cold day. I was surprised at the weather, too. I wore winter coat from baggage for bringing dry cleaners 🙁


Name Kato (かとう)
Open Morning through Daytime
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