Ochanomizu : Hot cake and french toast at Mijinko (みじんこ)

Cafe latte and cafe mocca and hot cake, Mijinko (Ochanomizu) Tokyo
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We ate hot cake again 😛

My friend took me to the cafe that serve tasty hot cake. At Ochanomizu.


Appearance, Mijinko (Ochanomizu)


Signboard, Mijinko (Ochanomizu)

Mijinko means water flea in English. This cafe also sells coffee beans that they roast.
I used to go to the school near the cafe quite a long time ago, but there wasn’t such a nice cafe at the time 🙂

A, the school was already closed (T_T)

On the table, Mijinko (Ochanomizu)


Only guests who enter the cafe from 2 p.m. can order hot cake and another food menus.

There was already a long line in front of the cafe before 2 p.m.
Lots of people still enjoyed lunch in the cafe, so after all, only three groups could enter the cafe after 2 p.m.

We were third group, so we could enter the cafe,

Also this cafe’s hot cake needs much time to bake because it is thick.

The waiter told us that it would take about 20 minutes to bake our hot cake. Actually, it took more time. It was so crowded.

Cafe latte (カフェラテ, 550 yen) , cafe mocha (カフェモカ, 600 yen), hot cake (ホットケーキ, 550 yen)

Cafe latte and cafe mocca and hot cake, Mijinko (Ochanomizu)


Cute latte art 😀
That hot cake was not so big, and it was so soft like being steamed.

And, we also ordered this.

French toast honey and mascarpone flavor (鉄板フレンチトースト ハニー&マスカルポーネ, 600 yen)

French toast with honey and cheese, Mijinko (Ochanomizu)


I like better it than the hot cake. It was moderately sweet.

About Mijinko (みじんこ)

Address / Yushima Sankumi Bldg 1F, 2-9-10 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Yushima station (Tokyo metro), Ochanomizu station (JR)
Open / 11:00 – 20:00 (Pancake & French toast 14:00 -)
Closed / Tuesdays
Website / http://mijinco-coffee.com/(in Japanese only)



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