Otsumami party ! (Tokyo Skytree sta.)

Roasted lamb, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.) CITY GUIDE
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Kareinaru curry held “Otsumami party” at the same day that Sumida river fireworks display was held !
Otsumami means appetizers, side dishes.

Oshiage station was so crowded ! Almost all people came to Oshiage to see fireworks. But we were at there to take part in the eating party !

Appearance, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)

I say in advance, Kareinaru-curry is curry shop !

But Kareinaru-curry serves some appetizers but curry. Needless to say his curry is tasty , but it is popular as his appetizers.
I hadn’t eaten his appetizers yet, so I took part in the party to eat all his appetizers at a stroke !
This party’s paticipation fee was 5000 yen. (Drinks were extra charge)

My first drink was Laphroaig 🙂
laphroaig, Kareinaru curry (Tokyo skytree sta.)

Menus. Lots of dishes !
Menus, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)

*Baked green soybeans (焼枝豆)
Baked edamame, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Well, speaking of otsumami, everyone will remember it first 🙂

*Cold tofu (冷奴)
Cold tofu, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Lots of condiments on it !

*Coleslaw (コールスロー)
Coleslaw, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
I had never seen such a gorgeous coleslaw !

*Tamagoyaki (薄焼玉子)
Fried beaten eggs, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
It is fried beaten eggs. Its looking is more buchimgae than tamagoyaki.

*Deep fried shrimp (エビフライ)
Deep fried shrimp, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Bigger shrimps !

*Karaage (唐揚げ)
Karaage, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
I was looking forward to eat it. But it was so-so 😛

*Salads with duck (鴨サラダ)
Salads with duck, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Those tomatos were funny 🙂

*Ducks uncured ham(鴨生ハム)
Uncured ducks ham, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Those smells were so good !

*Lamb gyoza (ラム餃子)
Lamb gyoza, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
I couldn’t feel the taste of lamb well, but it was tasty.

*Spring rolls (春巻き)
Spring rolls, Kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Its outside is crispy and the inside was creamy (The inside was very hot!!!)

*Ham cutlet (ハムカツ)
Ham cutlet, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Deep fried … again 🙁
I felt nearly full …..

*Roasted lamb (ラムロースト)
Roasted lamb, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Huge ! and so tasty ! I wanted to eat more 😛

*Love phantom (ラブファントム)
Love phantom, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Love phantom. Strange name ! Cream cheese, and shuto on it. Shuto is pickled skipjack tuna entrails. This shuto was awesome ! I needed rice !

*Ultra soul(ウルトラソウル)
Ultra soul, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
Ultra soul. It had strange name, too. It is raw sardines’ okiduke. Okiduke is marinated seafoods with soy sauce 😀
Rice, rice ! :O

*Flying fish miso soup (あごだし味噌汁)
Appearance, Miso soup (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
I didn’t feel the taste of any flying fish. But it tasted asari clam 🙂

*Rice (ご飯)
Rice, kareinaru curry (Tokyo Skytree Sta.)
The rice was soooo tasty. So springy. The texture was like glutinous rice !
But we had no appetizers left ! It is hard for me to eat rice without some dishes !

Umm. My best was…

SHUTO. Shuto was excellent !
(Shuto was very salty, so you’d better to eat them little by little)

Another, lamb gyoza, uncured ducks ham and ultra soul.

Well, I said before, Kareinaru-curry is curry shop, but we didn’t eat curry that day 😛
I was satisfies with each dishes, but, umm, each dishes had homely taste. Of course I like homely taste, though, it is good for me to eat them with curry
Because those appetizers don’t have a lot of impact compared with his curry 😛
Anyway, I had a very good time to fulfill the purpose of eating his all appetizers at a stroke !

We saw the fireworks only a few minutes.
Sumida river fireworks display

But Sumida river fireworks display discontinued after a few minutes later that we entered the shop because of suddenly heavy rainfalls and thunder.
Many fireworks displays discontinued because of sudden heavy rainfalls this year.
We were so lucky that we could see fireworks display the other day at Edogawa fireworks display…

Tokyo Skytree in the dark was beautiful, too.
Tokyo skytree in the dark
The mists were hanging over Tokyo Skytree. Whimsical !

Kareinaru-curry (華麗なるカレー)
2-5-4 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Open – from 11:30 to 14:30 and from 18:00 to 21:30
Saturdays, Sundays – from 11:30 to 16:00 and from 18:00 to 21:30
Holiday – Tuesdays

HP – http://ameblo.jp/kareinarukarei/ (in Japanese Only)


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