Kiba : Tandoor bar (カマルプール)

Tandoori ducks meat, Kamal pool (Kiba) Tokyo
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Tandoori foods with alcoholic drinks.

My friend asked me to join dinner at Kamal Pool.
It is tandoor bar. They serve Indian dishes.

Appearance, Kamal pool (Kiba)


Stylish bar 🙂

Table, Kamal pool (Kiba)


We toasted with drinks !

Cheers!, Kamal pool (Kiba)

At first we ordered Kamal pool’s most popular dish. (probably …)

Gorgonzola kulcha (ゴルゴンゾーラクルチャ) 680 yen

Gorgonzola Kulcha, Kamal pool (Kiba)


Wooooow !!! Cheese flows ! Amazing :O

Cut gorgonzola Kulcha, Kamal pool (Kiba)


Assorted tandoori chicken (タンドーリチキンミックス) 700 yen

Assorted tandoori chicken, Kamal pool (Kiba)


Plenty of spice ! Green sauce is mint chutney 🙂

Cold rassam soup (冷やしラッサム) forgot its price

Cold rassam, Kamal pool (Kiba)


We can eat it in summer only 🙂 So spicy and cold.

Grilled livers and hearts of chickens (レバーとハツのグリル) 650 yen

Grilled liver and hearts of chickens, Kamal pool (Kiba)


The hearts were crunchy and the livers were soft.

Shrimp and asari clam Bhuna (エビとアサリのブナ) 750 yen

Shrimp and asari clam Bhuna, Kamal pool (Kiba)


I don’t know the word “Bhuna”. What is the mean ? Any way, shrimp and asari clam was tasty.

Tandoori vegetables (タンドーリべジ) 650 yen

Tandoori vegetables, Kamal pool (Kiba)


Not only meats, we must have eaten vegetables 🙂

Lamb kebab (ラムのシークカバブ) 780 yen

Lamb kebab, Kamal pool (Kiba)

Tandoori ducks meat (鴨肉のタンドール焼き) 880 yen

Tandoori ducks meat, Kamal pool (Kiba)


Tandoori ducks ?

My second drink was ram and lassie.

Ram and Lassie, Kamal pool (Kiba)

Assorted tandoori chicken (タンドーリチキン) forgot its price

Tandoori chicken, Kamal pool (Kiba)


So big, and so tasty.

I felt full until here.
But curry and rice were from here.

Fried rice with lamb meat(ラムチャーハン) 1200 yen

Fried rice with lamb meat, Kamal pool (Kiba)


Lots of lamb meat were in it. Well it is frice rice, not biriyani. It was moist.

Naan(ナン, 300 yen) and basmati rice (バスマティライス, 300 yen)

Naan and basmati rice, Kamal pool (Kiba)


I didn’t like this naan. I ate only one piece. I want naan more springy.

Saag paneer (サーグパニール) 1100 yen

Saag paneer, Kamal pool (Kiba)


Spinach and paneer. Paneer is indian cheese.

Mackerel soup curry (さばのスープカレー) 1200 yen

Mackerel soup curry, Kamal pool (Kiba)
It didn’t have fishy smell. Good.

Spicy chicken keema (スパイシーチキンキーマ) 1200 yen

Spicy chicken keema, Kamal pool (Kiba)

*Shrimp and scallop kamal masala (海老と帆立のカマルマサラ) 1300 yen
Shrimp and scallop kamal masala (海老と帆立のカマルマサラ) 1300 yen

Shrimp and scallop KAMAL masala, Kamal pool (Kiba)
Coconuts taste curry. creamy but spicy.

To tell the truth, I don’t remember those fried rice and curries well. I was over full.
But I ate those fried rice and curries frantically 😛

About Kamal pool (カマルプール)

Address / Suzuki Bldg. 1F, 3-20-9 Toyo, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Station / Kiba station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 11:30 – 14:30, 17:00 – 23:00
Sundays and national holidays / 17:00 – 23:00
Closed / No scheduled
Twitter / @ktmtabo



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