Minami-Gyotoku : Steak at Ikinari Steak (いきなりステーキ)

Angus beef 300, Ikinari steak Minami-gyotoku branch (Minami-Gyotoku) Chiba
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Ikinari steak is fast steak house and expanding rapidly

Now steak chain store of “Ikinari Steak” is expanding. It is stand-up-eating steak shop. Now casual, inexpensive but tasty stand-up-eating shops are now very popular.
When we got to Minami-Gyotoku station for eating ramen the other day, we found there’s “Ikinari Steak” in the station (outside ticket gate )

Ikinari Steak Minami-Gyotoku branch

Appearance, Ikinari steak Minami-gyotoku branch (Minami-Gyotoku)


At first, we found it but our target of the day was ramen, so we walked through in front of the shop, but once we got to ramen shop, we found the paper on the wall said “Regular holiday”
Unfortunately, their holiday has changed before we know.

We were disappointed but we had no time to lose. We were so hungry !

“Let’s go back to station and having steak at Ikinari Steak !”

Then we went back to the shop 🙂

Interior, Ikinari steak Minami-gyotoku branch (Minami-Gyotoku)


This shop serve meats by measure from 200g or 300g (According to species of meats)
On entering the shop, a staff took us to our table (no chairs :P) and she took our order except steak.
After that we brought our table number card to cutting place and ordered species of meat and its size.
I ordered “300 g of Angus beef Sirloin. With medium rare.”.
And then we went back to our table and waited for a while until our foods were served.

There were some species of meat. Sirloin, fillet, Angus beef, Wagyu beef and so on.

It is my Angus beef.
Angus beef was 7 yen per 1 g and my Angus beef was nearly 300 g.
It cost me around 2000 yen.

Angus beef 300, Ikinari steak Minami-gyotoku branch (Minami-Gyotoku)


Section of my steak 🙂

Section of Angus beef 300, Ikinari steak Minami-gyotoku branch (Minami-Gyotoku)


Why did I choose my beef Angus ?
I couldn’t taste Angus beef at Hawaii last year because my tooth was bad !

Delicious !
I like Angus beef better than Wagyu beef because it don’t have much fatty parts.I want to enjoy meat itself.

And we also ordered salad.

Salad, Ikinari steak Minami-gyotoku branch (Minami-Gyotoku)


It was not good.Not fresh.

You’d better to order meat only (with rice..) at “Ikinari Steak”
Anyway, you get tasty beef meat quickly at lower price !

But truthfully speaking, I want to be seated 🙁

Ikinari steak is managed by the same company as “Pepper Lunch” and there are many branches around Kanto region, especially in Tokyo.
At first, I believed Ikinari steak is managed by “Ore-no” company 😛

About Ikinari steak Minami-Gyotoku branch (いきなりステーキ南行徳店)

Address / 4-17-2 Ainokawa, Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Station / Minami-gyotoku station (Tokyo metro)
Open / from 11:00 to 23:00 (Weekday lunchtime until 15:00)
Closed / No scheduled
Website / http://ikinaristeak.com/ (in Japanese only)



  1. tokyomike55 says:

    We have an ikinari steak place recently opened here in Chiba around Kaihin Makuhari station as well. I haven’t been there yet, but I might try it just to say I have. I haven’t had steak in ages — maybe a couple of years. And that one you had looked pretty good!

    • Ryoko says:

      Kaihin makuhari ? Wow, that’s not so far from my home ! There are not much good steak restaurant. Most restaurants are too expensive or family restaurants.
      So, it is valuable restaurant, I think. But if it possible, I want chairs all the same 😛

      • tokyomike55 says:

        Well then we’re neighbors. I’m just up the beach 2 stops in Inage Kaigan. Small world! 🙂 And I agree with you about the chairs. I saw these people standing there eating all with these huge white paper bibs and I just didn’t find that a very appealing way to eat. Sure smelled good though!!!! 🙂

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