[Osaka] Takeuchi Udonten (たけうちうどん店) in Nakatsu

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The first meal during our trip in Osaka was udon. We visited Takeuchi Udonten (たけうちうどん店) close to Nakatsu station.

Menu. They don’t have ticket vending machine.

We got to there around 2 p.m. And we found almost all seats were occupied. But we could be seated soon. I ordered it. Ki-jyoyu udon with onsen tamago and wakame seaweed.

Ki-jyoyu udon with onsen tamago and wakame seaweed (温玉わかめ生醤油うどん) 750 yen

My friend ordered simple Ki-jyoyu udon without wakame and onsen tamago.

Ki-jyoyu udon with onsen tamago and wakame seaweed (生醤油うどん) 600 yen

Ki-jyoyu is soy sauce without any seasonings, and no heat-treat. Pure soy sauce. Ki-jyoyu is put on the table in advance, so we added ki-jyoyu to our udon as we like. Ki-jyoyu is not salty as ordinary soy sauce.

The udon was so tasty and chewy, but it was larger than expected and I couldn’t eat it up and he ate my leftover udon. I can believe that he ate curry and rice, and his udon !
(I can’t tell that I ate two strawberry daifuku while he was eating curry :P)


Name Takekuchi Udonten (たけうちうどん店)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit card Unavailable

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