Ebikin (えび金) in Tsukiji

Shrimp soba, Ebikin (Tsukiji) Tokyo
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Ramen having 50 Shrimps extracts

Some ramen shops are open newly within a few years in around Tsukiji area.

Especially Ebikin in front of Namiyoke Jinja shrine and close to Namiyoke Entrance of Tsukiji Market is very popular as shrimp soba among them.


Red appearance attracts us.

Apperance, Ebikin (Tsukiji)


They say one bowl of ramen have extracts of 50 shrimps.
Extracts… yes, they don’t use shrimps. Everything is shrimp extracts powder 😛

Whenever I walk through in front of this shop, there’s not have any smell of shrimps. So, I knew it is popular ramen shop, but I didn’t feel like going to this shop.
Also many friends went to there and they didn’t feel the taste of shrimps.

So, eventually I took so much time to visit there.

Oh, it accepts 2000 yen note !
Paper apron is prepared and they give it to us if we want.
But I didn’t take it because I hate paper apron’s rustling noise.

Chicket vending machine, Ebikin (Tsukiji)


Of course I ordered a Shrimp soba (海老そば, 780 yen).

Shrimp soba, Ebikin (Tsukiji)


Because they don’t use shrimps, it don’t have much shrimp flavor than another shrimp soba.
The flavor of chicken oil is stronger than shrimps. Its taste, too. Fragrant smell of soy sauce and chicken oil was good 🙂

But the soup was rather salty.

This narrow noodles go with the soup very well.
They say this noodle have shrimp powder…. but I didn’t find the taste of shrimp at all 🙁

Noodles, Ebikin (Tsukiji)

この麺にも海老粉が練りこまれているそうです。( ゚ω゚)シn゙ ヘェーヘェーヘェー でもそんなこと言われてもなぁ…。

By the way, recently the number of ramen shops that named their ramen “soba”. Well there have been a word “Chuka soba (Chinese noodles)”, so it is not too strange.
But recently some ramen shops use buckwheat to their noodles.  So sometime those are taken as soba (buckwheat).

They also serve curry made from this shrimp soup, and it is popular, too. It is limited in quantity, but I haven’t found it is sold out ever 😛

Without thinking of “shrimp”, it was tasty chicken based soy sauce ramen.

About Ebikin (えび金)

Address / 6-23-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Station / Tsukiji station (Tokyo metro)
Open / 10:00 – 14:00, 17:00 – 22:00
Saturdays / 5:00 – 14:00
Closed / Sundays and another national holidays
Website / http://www.ebikin.com(in Japanese only)


  1. Ryoko says:

    Thanks. I ate Spaghetti with squid ink at Venice. It was very nice. And in Japan, there are many Italian foods restaurants and serving risotto and spaghetti with squid ink 🙂

  2. Ryoko says:

    Umm. I think squid ink itself don’t have any taste. It is sour just a little. So squid ink sauce have tomatoes, onions, salt and so on for adding taste 🙂
    Squid ink add rich texture to sauce.

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