Keisei Nakayama : Local Chinese foods restaurant – Cyujitsudo (忠実堂)

Steamed shrimps with garlic sauce, Cyujitsudo (Keisei Nakayama) Chiba
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My delight Chinese foods restaurant

I went to Cyujitsudo to have dinner the other day.

Apperance, Cyujitsudo (Keisei Nakayama)


I intended to go to there by myself and eat only mapo tofu that day, but my friend came with me and somehow we didn’t order mapo tofu that was my aim.

Because there were some new foods on the menu.

I ate gyoza last time and I liked it. So, we ordered it that time, too.
4 pieces of gyoza (餃子4個) 520 yen

Gyoza, Cyujitsudo (Keisei Nakayama)


It was tasty all the same !!

Steamed shrimps with garlic sauce (海老の蒸しものニンニクソース, 1300 yen)

Steamed shrimps with garlic sauce, Cyujitsudo (Keisei Nakayama)


It took much time for the cook to steam.
Though the sauce was good, the shrimps were not good. Those were tough. This restaurant’s foods were seasoned well, but as a whole, they don’t use ingredients that have good quality.
So, we should eat mapo tofu at Cyujitsudo all the same !! And another standard Chinese foods seem to be good, too !

Chicken soup ramen (鶏そば, 860 yen)

Chicken soup ramen, Cyujitsudo (Keisei Nakayama)


It was quite lightly seasoned and the steamed shrimps were seasoned strong, so I felt it was too weak.

Dessert after the meal.
White lever paste. (木苺の杏仁とうふ) 300 yen

Almond jelly with raspberry sauce (for a limited season)
Plain almond jelly was under the raspberry sauce.

Almond jelly with rapsberry, Cyujitsudo (Keisei Nakayama)


The sauce tasted strong and it completely spoiled almond jelly’s taste 😛

Baked almond jelly (焼き杏仁豆富) 300 yen
That’s new food, too. It looked like creme brulee ! The taste was like creme brulee, too !

Baked almond jelly, Cyujitsudo (Keisei Nakayama)


The burnt surface was good 🙂

High quality standard foods and their challenging spirit …. I like Cyujitsudo. (Though sometimes their challenge end in failure :P)
I want to go there regularly 🙂

By the way, though I didn’t eat this time, the best dish of Cyujitsudo is mapo dofu.

About Cyujitsudo(忠実堂)

Address / 1-15-23 Moto-Nakayama, Funabashi-shi, Chiba
Station / Keisei-Nakayama station (Keisei main line)
Open / from 11:30 to 22:00
Closed / Wednesdays



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