Keisei-Okubo : Spice level 10 curry at Bolt’s (ボルツ京成大久保店)

Appearance, Bolt's Keisei-Okubo branch (Keisei-Okubo) Chiba
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Bolt’s made a part of history of spicy curry in Japan

I tried a restaurant that is close to my house and I had wanted to visit there for a long time.
The restaurant’s name is Bolt’s and it’s an old curry restaurant.
There used to be many branch somewhere like Shibuya but now, only Keisei-Okubo and another two branches remains.

Bolt’s reportedly adopted choice of their level of spiciness of the curry by figure for the first time in Japan.

Appearance, Bolt's Keisei-Okubo branch (Keisei-Okubo)


Now it’s more kissaten than curry restaurant.

Because Keisei-Okubo is students city, also Bolt’s had few guests on the weekend.

Interior2, Bolt's Keisei-Okubo branch (Keisei-Okubo)


Interior1, Bolt's Keisei-Okubo branch (Keisei-Okubo)

I ordered a curry, rice and drink as set.
It took rather much time to cook. But there’s TV and comfortable atmosphere, so I relaxed and waited.
We can choose the level of our curry from level 1 to 100.

After about 15 minutes waiting, my curry was served.
And also pickled corn, pickled daikon, pickled chili pepper and achar came.

My curry, Bolt's Keisei-Okubo branch (Keisei-Okubo)


I chose my curry level 10.

10 levels curry, Bolt's Keisei-Okubo branch (Keisei-Okubo)


Not much beefmeats were in it, but those were tasty 🙂

Spicy curry on the rice, Bolt's Keisei-Okubo branch (Keisei-Okubo)


Truthfully speaking, this level 10 curry was not too spicy for me. But this level is the limit of the spiciness to taste the curry comfortably.
It was light taste curry, so I think I can’t find the taste of the curry with extremely spiciness.

Of course, I won’t deny enjoying extremely spicy curry even though it is tasteless.
I sometime feel like eating super spicy foods, too 😛

After the meal, my drink came. I ordered hot tea.
Oh my ! Over three cups of tea there ! Wooow !

Tea after the meal, Bolt's Keisei-Okubo branch (Keisei-Okubo)


I took so much time to drink it up 😉

About Bolt’s Keisei-Okubo branch (ボルツ京成大久保店)

Address / 1-17-13 Okubo, Narashino-shi, Chiba
Station / Keisei-Okubo station (Keisei main line)
Open / 12:30 – 20:40 (Last Order)
Closed / 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays



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