Keisei-Okubo / 京成大久保


[Keisei Okubo] Sapporo ramen at Panke (パンケ)

I visited Panke (パンケ) that is said to be the second-best ramen shop in Keisei-Okubo district after years absence. Panke...

[Keisei Okubo] Shinsyu soba and tempura bowl at Kurumian (くるみ庵)

I went to soba restaurant named Kurumian (くるみ庵) near my house after years absence. Ah, they're not near my house. About...
Cake shop

Keisei Okubo : Pudding a la mode FRAISIER

Fraisier in a Halloween limited container I went to pastry shop "Le Patissier Yokoyama" near my house. I found Frais...
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