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[Motoyawata] Indian curry at Atithi (アティティ)


Motoyawata have lots of Indian foods restaurants. Especially Sapna and Athithi (アティティ) is so popular. I had lunch at Athithi for several times. Their lunch meal is delicious but inexpensive !

Atithi is not far from the station, but it stands along calm street. Everyone who work in there seems to be Indian people. But actually, they are Nepali people. Because Indian foods is so popular but Nepali foods isn’t, so many Nepali people manage Indian foods restaurants like this.

There’re three lunch sets. We chose C set that is the largest lunch set. We can chose two curries from about five species of curries, and rice, salads, two tandoori chickens, achar, naan and drink. This plate had butter chicken curry and seasonal vegetables curry (today’s special).

It had mutton keema and chicken saag. We chose our drinks lassie.

We can have second helping of naan and rice at both lunchtime and dinner time. But don’t need second helping. Naan is enough huge.

We brought coupon for change from normal naan to green naan and showed it. “Green naan” is spinach naan.

Their curries were spicy and tasty. It went with rice more than naan 🙂


Name Atithi (アティティ)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Available for dinner time only
Credit card Unknown

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  1. Harry Burnhammer says:

    They’re from Nepal! 😀
    I wish the owner would let them make their Nepal curry!

  2. Harry Burnhammer says:

    These are guys are from Nepal 😀

    I really think its the best Indian food in Japan, much better than Sapna!

    • Ryoko says:

      You visited both Atithi and Sapna ?
      Me, too. And both was delicious. But I felt Atithi have local tastes of Indian foods and Sapna’s is similar to Japanese tastes.

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