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[Tokyo] Ramen Itto (麺屋 一燈) in Shin-Koiwa


We went to the ramen shop named Ramen Itto (麺屋 一燈) that is one of the most popular tsukemen in Tokyo. I think everyone know their name !

We got to the shop just past 2:30 p.m. But there were still 50 or more people waiting, not only in front of the shop but also along parking lot across the road. Anyway we followed the end of the waiting line along the parking lot, but we hesitated to keep waiting such a long time. As soon as we followed the line, the staff came to us and he put it just after us.

That mean ‘Sold Out’

That’s our fate ! There’s no choice but keep waiting ! We thought so.

We were at a loss how many hours do we had to wait. Two hours ? or more ? But fortunately, we waited for about an hour. Finally we could be in front of the door.

Though their business hours is until 3 p.m. at lunchtime, it was already near 4 p.m. But they didn’t hurry us. But I felt uneasy all the same. Because I always take much time to eat and I was the last guest.

Itto use 5 species of flour and cook 3 types of noodles. For ramen, for tsukemen and for limited one. Ticket vending machine is inside the door and the staff asked as to buy our ticket while waiting at the seats in front of the shop.

I ordered a special ramen with rich fish-based soup. Of course, their tsukemen is popular, this ramen have high reputation, too.

Special ramen with rich fish-based soup (特製濃厚魚介らーめん) 900 yen

Those roast pork and roast chicken was so juicy and tasty. Also this half-boiled ajitama (Boiled egg soaked in soy sauce) was good. And I like narrow noodles like this.

And dessert after the meal only for women. Sorbet. I could refresh my oily mouth thanks by this sorbet

My friend ordered this. Special tsukemen with rich fish-based soup. It was better than expected. Person who order large helping of tsukemen can have second helping of soup free of charge.

Special tsukemen with rich fish-based soup (特製濃厚魚介つけめん) 950 yen

Itto group is now expanding around Koiwa station. Though this Ramen Itto have the highest reputation and so large number of people visit, another shops like Tsukemen Itto (つけ麺 一燈) and Toro (燈郎) have much people visitng, too.


Name Ramen Itto / Menya Itto (麺屋 一燈)
Open Lunch, Dinner
Reservation Unavailable
Credit Card Unavailable
URL Website, Twitter, Instagram

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  1. Hi Ryoko, the tsukemen looks really gd! Have u tried Gonokamiseisakujo in Shinjuku? We loved their tsukemen… Very thick tomato prawn base!

    • Ryoko says:

      I haven’t eaten at Gonokamiseisakujo yet. But I’m very interested in their tsukemen. Prawn base soup is very attract me ! I want to try it as soon as possible !

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