Barachirashi (Yotsuya-sanchome)

” Sushisho(すし匠)”

It is an exclusive sushi restaurant near Yotsuya-sanchome subway station.

It cost over 20000 yen at night.

My friend said that this restaurant serves Barachirashi by 1500 yen at lunchtime on weekdays, and took me to the restaurant.
So, I went there unwillingly.

Barachirashi is covered the vinegared rice with slices of various raw fish,

That restaurant is in a hard to understand place.
Appearance of Sushisho

We were led to the raised tatami-floored seating area at the door. We felt comfortable ! It seemed a half private room !

I want to be a person who can go such an exclusive sushi restaurant regularly.

Never ? Never ? A ? Ummm…

They serve only chirashi at lunchtime, so they served us a cup of green tea and a small dish automatically.

My barachirashi(ばらちらし) came.

Glistening! It is just like a gem !

Shrimp, ikura, sea urchin, firefly squid, medium‐sized gizzard shad, herring roe and so forth …..
They said this chirashi have about 30 kinds of fishes.
30 fishes ! Amazing !

I didn’t like chirashi because I had eaten only tasteless chirashi that have too small pieces of fishes to feel the taste and texture of fishes.
But it is goooood !

I felt the texture of those fishes clearly. Well, good restaurant serves good chirashi ! I understood !

Well, I found chirashi is not only good looking but delicious !

I’ll come again !


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