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(Moved) From Toyochan to Sushidokoro SEI (寿し処 勢)

Appearance, Sushidokoro sei (tsukiji market) Tokyo

New sushi shop is open.

At first, I have to inform you that Toyochan (豊ちゃん) already quit their business as Japanese-Western foods shop in May.

Right side of shop is already closed, Toyochan (Tsukiji Market)

And they restart their business as sushi shop named “Sushidokoro SEI”.
They have counter seats and tables. It’s so clean ! It have gorgeous atmosphere.

Appearance, Sushidokoro sei (tsukiji market)

Not only Japanese menus but also English menu and Chinese menu is at the door.
(everything is tax excluded.)

Photo, Sushidokoro SEI (Tsukiji market)

Sushi set and drinks.
The most inexpensive sushi set is “Tokusen zushi (Specialties Sushi)”. 2,800 yen. It have 9 pieces.
If you have alcoholic drinks, they serve o-toshi (small appetizer) and extra 300 yen is required.

Set menu english, Sushidokoro sei (tsukiji market)

Chinese menu1, Sushidokoro SEI (Tsukiji market)

Of course, you can order what you want separately. Price of one piece.

one-piece menu english, Sushidokoro sei (tsukiji market)

Chinese menu2, Sushidokoro SEI (Tsukiji market)

You can have another seasonal seafood as nigiri and sashimi. Menu of seasonal seafood is at the kitchen.

Interior, Sushidokoro SEI (Tsukiji market)

Though I don’t visit yet, I’ll try them in a few weeks. 🙂


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